University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Dara Aisner MD, PhD

Professor - Lung/Molecular Pathology - Vice Chair Genome Lab PATH

Michael Alberti MD, PhD

Assistant Professor - Molecular Pathology

Steven Anderson PhD

Professor of Experimental Pathology

Morgan Bagley MHS, PA(ASCP)cm

Instructor - Pathology Assistant

Stephanie Bates MD

Assistant Professor - Blood Bank - Transfusion Medicine

Mary Berg MD

Professor of Clinical Practice - Blood Bank - Transfusion Medicine - Associate Residency Program Director

Amber Berning MD

Associate Professor - OB/GYN Pathology - Autopsy Pathology - Cardiac Pathology Medical Director of Anatomic Pathology, Gross Room

Margaret Black MD

Assistant Professor - Associate Medical Director CMOCO

Gregary Bocsi DO

Associate Professor - Associate Director of the UCH Clinical Laboratory

Geza Bodor MD

Professor - Clinical

Andrea Bonetto PhD

Associate Professor - Cancer Cachexia Research

Billie Carstens BS

Senior Instructor - Cytogenetics

Jessica Christenson PhD

Instructor - Richer Laboratory

Diana Cittelly PhD

Associate Professor - Brain Metastasis Research

Michael Clay MD

Associate Professor - Subspecialty Leader in Adult Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology - Director of Soft Tissue Pathology Fellowship

Maria Jose Contreras Zarate PhD

Research Instructor - Breast Cancer Research

Carlyne Cool MD

Professor - Clinical

Kristy Crooks PhD

Associate Professor

Kurtis Davies PhD

Assistant Professor

Bette Demasters MD

Professor - Director CHCO Neuro Pathology

Kalpana Devaraj MD

Associate Professor - Program Director, GI & Liver, Pancreatico-Biliary Pathology Fellowship

Melkon DomBourian MD

Assistant Professor

Tanja Doty MS, PA(ASCP)cm

Instructor - Pathology Assistant

Nicole Draper MD

Associate Professor - Director Disease/Basic Science

Meghan Driscoll MD

Assistant Professor - Neuropathology

Frances Feng MD, PhD

Assistant Professor - GU/Medical Renal and Cytopathology

Michael Fink DVM

Assistant Professor

Jessica Finlay-Schultz PhD

Assistant Research Professor - Breast Cancer Research

Amanda Folmer PA(ASCP)cm

Instructor - Pathology Assistant

Derek Fong DVM, DACLAM

Assistant Research Professor

John Fowler MD

Associate Professor - Dermatopathology - Associate Director of Pathology Residency Program

Meredith A. Frank MD

DPHE Forensic Pathologist - Assistant Medical Examiner - Forensic Pathology Fellowship Director

Robert O. Greer DDS, ScD

Professor - Dental Pathology

Samuel Guzman MD

Assistant Professor - Head of Neuropathology Education Program - Head of Neuroautopsy

Mary Haag PhD

Professor of Clinical Practice - Director Cytogenetics

Andrea Hartwick MHA, MS PA(ASCP)

Instructor - Gross Room Manager Pathologists’ Assistant

Louise Helander MD

Assistant Professor

Patrick Henn MD

Assistant Professor - GI/Liver Pathology

Jian Jing MD

Assistant Professor - Lung Pathology - Cytopathology

Jeffrey Kaplan MD

Associate Professor - Director of GI Path & Surgical Path

Virginia Knez MD

Associate Professor - Autopsy Pathology

Christopher Knoeckel MD

Instructor - Molecular Pathology

Francisco G La Rosa MD

Associate Professor - Renal, Heart and Genitourinary Pathology - Pathology Informatics

Jim Lambert PhD

Associate Research Professor - Prostate Cancer Research

Tuan Le MD

Associate Professor

Jori Leszczynski DVM DACLAM

Professor - Director for the Office of Laboratory Animal Resources - University Veterinarian - Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Animal Resources

Scott Lucia MD

Professor - Vice Chair Anatomic Pathology

Christopher Manuel DVM, PhD

Associate Professor - Lab Animal Resources/Veterinary Pathology

Carrie Marshall MD

Associate Professor – Cytopathology – Surgical Pathology – Director Cytopathology Fellowship

Bruce McCollister MD

Associate Professor - Infectious Disease

Lauren McLemore MD

Assistant Professor - Breast Pathology

Sanjana Mehrotra MD

Associate Professor - Director of Cytopathology Laboratory

Daniel Merrick MD

Professor - Director of Fellowship in Molecular Pathology

Katharine Nejkauf CT(ASCP)

Instructor - Cytology Manager - MSQA

Steven Nordeen PhD

Professor Emeritus - Breast Cancer Research

Leah Novinger MD, PhD

Assistant Professor - Research

David Orlicky PhD

Associate Professor

Philip Owens PhD

Assistant Professor - Bone Morphogenetic Proteins Research

Zenggang Pan MD, PhD

Professor - Director Hematopathology

Changlee Pang MD

Associate Professor - Director, Hematopathology Fellowship Program - Medical Director of UCH Flow Cytometry Laboratory

Miriam Post MD

Professor - OB/GYN Pathology

Shyam Raghavan MD

Associate Professor - Dermatopathology and Gastrointestinal Pathology

Von Samedi MD, PhD

Professor - Director of the Pathology Residency Program - Director of Head & Neck Subsection of Anatomic Pathology

Carol Sartorius PhD

Professor - Vice-Chair of Research

Jeffrey Schowinsky MD

Associate Professor - Co-Director of Surgical Pathology

Jamie Sheren PhD, CG(ASCP)cm

Instructor - Colorado Genetics Laboratory

Matthew Sikora PhD

Associate Professor - Breast Cancer Research

Lynelle Smith MD

Breast & GYN Pathology

Karen Swisshelm PhD

Professor - Cancer Cytogenetics

Ryan Thomas MD

Assistant Professor

Ann Thor MD

Professor - Todd Chair of Pathology - Cytopathology/Breast Cancer Research

Kathleen Torkko PhD, MSPH

Associate Professor - Prostate Cancer Research

Adrie Van Bokhoven PhD

Associate Professor - Prostate Cancer Research​

Reema Wahdan-Alaswad PhD

Research Instructor - Breast Cancer Research

Adriana Weinberg MD

Professor - Infectious Diseases

Lindsey Westbrook MD

Assistant Professor - GI/Liver Pathology - Co-Associate Program Director of Residency Program

Joshua Wisell MD

Associate Professor - Director of Dermatopathology

Rebecca Wolsky MD

Associate Professor - Director of the Gynecologic Pathology & Subspecialty Service

Cassie Xu MD

Assistant Professor - GI/Liver Pathology

Michael Yang MD

Associate Professor - Cytopathology - Lung Pathology - Autopsy Pathology

Amy Young MD, PhD

Assistant Professor - Molecular Pathology

Christian Young PhD

Assistant Professor - Head and Neck Cancer Research

Jingjing Zhang MD, PhD

Assistant Professor - Hematopathology

Pathology (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Academic Office One

12631 East 17th Avenue

2nd Floor

Aurora, CO 80045


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