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Welcome to the Department of Pathology of the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus. The Department has grown substantially in the past 15 years, from 40 to 120 faculty in parallel with the remarkable growth of our hospital based affiliates as well as the city and county of Denver.  Our work is value driven and focused on scientific investigation, lifelong learning and a balance of personal and professional values. In addition to a vibrant and highly competitive residency program with 25 positions, we offer 9 fellowships and participate in numerous graduate school and the MD/PhD program of the CU School of Medicine.  Our faculty and staff are diverse and gender balanced, with women comprising 50% of our residents, Assistant, Associate and Full Professors (including those with tenure).


Our trainee and attending clinicians exemplify dedication and selflessness, focusing on evidence based sub-specialty practice to provide excellence in diagnostic medicine across a wide range of scientific and anatomically based disease sub-specialties. Our clinical practice and training programs are based primarily at three hospitals located on the Anschutz Medical Center (AMC) campus: the University of Colorado Hospital, the Children's Hospital of Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center as well as the Denver Health Hospital located in Denver.  We also own and operate two large referral laboratories on AMC campus, the Colorado Molecular Correlates Lab and the Colorado Genetics Laboratory which practice state of the art molecular genetic and genomics methods, supporting a robust personalized medicine effort and our comprehensive cancer center programs, clinical and research trials.


Medical education is a primary mission of the department and its members. The University of Colorado ranked #1 in pathology education among medical schools nationwide by Kaplan Test Prep in 2019. This reflects the remarkable teaching efforts of our faculty, residents and fellows as well as their passion for the sub-specialty of pathology.  Our residents typically score higher than the national average on annual RISE exams, show a 100% first exam pass rate in both AP and CP by the American Board of Pathology, and secure highly competitive fellowships post-graduation. We also support ACGME and/or GME accredited Fellowships in Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, Hematopathology, Molecular Pathology, Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine, Forensic Pathology, Pediatric Pathology, Transplant Pathology, GI and Hepatobiliary Pathology, Genetics, and Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology.


The Department employs world class researchers focused on mechanisms of carcinogenesis. Many are nationally and internationally known for their scientific contributions and cutting edge research. These individuals are active participants in graduate and post-graduate education associated with the Graduate School of CU, particularly the PhD Program in Cancer Biology that originated in our Department. We also support numerous core facilities for our NIH designated comprehensive cancer center, an institutional biobank, and other sub-specialty services that serve our scientific community.


Denver is a rapidly growing metropolis, with a vibrant young population who seek ready access to the outdoors, sports of all kinds, an outstanding food scene and the arts. When we are not working we hike 14,000 foot mountain peaks, bike, run, swim, ski, and camp our way through Colorado.  We also send senior residents, faculty and cytotechnologists to serve the underserved via our Global Health initiative that provides free cancer screening and care for women in Peru.

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Overall, the Department of Pathology of the CU School of Medicine is experiencing remarkable success and growth systemwide. We hope you will visit us in person, or virtually through our website as you are able.  We look forward to welcoming you to Colorado!



Ann D. Thor, M.D.

Professor and Todd Chair of Pathology

Pathology (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Academic Office One

12631 East 17th Avenue

2nd Floor

Aurora, CO 80045


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