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Welcome to Intern Onboarding!

We hope you are just as excited as we are to have you join our residency family! Below you will find housing resources, onboarding due dates, and all the instructions and forms you will need to review and/or complete as part of intern onboarding. As you will see in the "Due Dates" section, some of these items have not been released yet. Please bookmark this page so you have it readily accessible as packages and forms are released. 

Detailed instructions are included below for how and when to complete each part of the onboarding process. As you go through the list, please send us a copy of all of your completed forms to Elle at using the appropriate naming conventions. Even if you need to upload a form in a different system, please still send us a copy. The big date the majority of this paperwork is due will be April 24th, 2022. If you will be going out of the country in the next couple of months, please email Elle ASAP. 

Most importantly, we cannot wait to meet you at Intern Orientation from June 13th - June 22nd. From now until then, please do not hesitate to reach out to Elle at or call 303-724-1792.

Exploring Denver and Finding Housing:

  • Living in Denver - outlining each neighborhood in Denver as well as giving you the resident low-down for common areas they choose to live. 
  • Resident Guide to Denver - made by our residents to help you get a feel for your new home featuring restaurants, coffee shops, farmer's markets, etc.!


Save the Date: Transition to Internship Townhall with Program Leadership on Tuesday, April 19th from 4-5pm MST.

Due Dates:

All tasks are sorted based on the due date, except VA fingerprint scheduling.

You can download an editable checklist for all of the onboarding tasks required of you HERE. 

TaskDate ReleasedDue DateComments

New Intern Intake Form

March 21st

March 23rd at 12pm 

  • First priority and mission-critical!
  • Sent to you securely via email

Let's Get to Know You Form

March 21st

April 8th
CO Physicians Training License ApplicationMarch 21stApril 15th
  • Your Training License wallet card is due to us as a PDF by 4/15, so please complete sooner rather than later as it takes time to process
NPI NumberMarch 21stApril 15th


  • Your NPI number certification is due to us by 4/15, so please submit for this sooner rather than later as it takes time to process

VA WOC Packet and Signed Policy Acknowledgement

March 23rd 

April 15th 

    • Begin working on this early
    • WOC packet sent to you via DocuSign

    VA Fingerprint Appointment

    March 21st

    May 13th

    • Schedule your appointment as early as possible. 
    • May 13th is the absolute last day you can complete your fingerprints to get your badge on time.
    COVID-19 Vaccine VerificationMarch 21stApril 24th 

    I-9 Documents

    March 21st

    April 24th

    • You will need to send images or scans of your primary and secondary identification documents that you will present in-person during orientation.
    White CoatMarch 21stApril 24th 
    Mentoring FormMarch 21stApril 24th 
    Denver Health OnboardingMarch 28thApril 24th
    • Parking registration is online
    • All other forms will be sent via DocuSign
    New Resident Onboarding Package and Modules in MedHubApril 19thMay 1st 
    • You will need your training license and NPI number for this portion
    • Documents and instructions will also be included in the MedHub package
    BLS and ACLS CardsMarch 21stJune 3rd
    • Must be AHA accredited and completed in-person
    • If your institution does not offer in-person courses and you are unable to find a local course offering in your area, please let Elle know.

    W-9 Form

    March 21st

    June 3rd

    • Do not complete until you have your current Colorado address
    Medical License MedHub PackageMay 31stJune 12th 
    • Documents and instructions will be included in the MedHub package
    Medicare (PECOS) and Colorado Medicaid Enrollment MedHub PackageJune 23rd July 22nd
    • Ideally, complete both applications and receive your approval letters by the end of Intern Basecamp!
    • You will need to upload your approval letters into MedHub, but the enrollment applications are located on separate websites

    Instructions and Forms