• DORA L3 R3 Training Verification 23-24- Please fill out SECTION ONE of this form and submit hard copy to Mary Meadows in the Housestaff office for completion. A request for proof of malpractice insurance will be sent on your behalf. 
  • DORA (L6) Practice History - This form is prefilled for you.  Print, sign and add to your application. 

Please visit for more information on how to apply for the USMLE Step 3 exam. 


USMLE Step 3 must be completed in PGY1 year.

USMLE Step 3 examinations are to be scheduled during an elective rotation and not during RAC. If this is not feasible, with 4 months’ advanced notice, the exam can be scheduled during a clinic or ambulatory block. Once your exam has been scheduled, you must notify Mary Meadows at and your rotation director of your scheduled dates. A copy of your USMLE score needs to be provided to Mary Meadows.

Please visit https://www.fsmb.orgstep-3 for more information on how to apply for the USMLE Step 3 exam. 

To apply for the Step 3 all physicians are required to create an account, complete the online application, and pay the fees. Once the application is submitted, all that is needed to complete the Step 3 application is the Certification of Identity form

Submit USMLE Certificate of Identity form (hard copies) with photo attached to Mary Meadows in the Housestaff office to notarize.  The Hub on the first floor of Academic Office One (AO1) can also serve as a notary for you.

If you are not contacted about your application within ten business days, contact the FSMB office ( to determine your application status. They will only provide the status information to the you, the physician, and not a third party.