Research Approval Form 

Download →  Resident Research Elective Approval Form

Complete the Research Approval Form and have signed by your mentor. Once this is complete, forward the form to Dr. Lisa Davis at​ with a copy to Mary Meadows at for approval. Please submit the full title/author/reference/pubmedID to all accepted abstracts to Dr. Lisa Davis and Mary Meadows after your research project. Signed and approved research forms must be complete 60 days prior to your research rotation; and if we have not received a research proposal 6 weeks prior to research rotation that the research month is not an option.

NOTE: The following link (guidelines are under #3) and presentation might be helpful when preparing your oral abstracts for cat track presentations.

A Phase II Trial of the Rexinoid Bexarotene ATA2011_v3.pdf


Primary Care Research Approval Form 

For Primary Care Track residents taking the PC Research Elective:

  1. Complete PC Research Form (typed)
  2. Review with Research mentor and have signed
  3. Forward  completed and signed form to Dr. Jacinda Nicklas (  for review and approval. She may suggest edits and ask for resubmission before approving.
  4. Send completed form with signatures of Research Mentor and Dr. Nicklas (electronic signature okay) to Kendra Burghardt ( Kendra will forward to Mary Meadows, residency coordinator
  5. Signed research forms should be submitted for approval 60 days prior to the first day of your research rotation. If we have not received an approved research proposal 6 weeks prior to your research rotation, a research month may not be an option
  6. For all submitted abstracts or publications that result from this research month, send full title/author/reference to Kendra Burghardt for PC database and tracking.

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