A bit about RPEC

What is the RPEC?

The RPEC will meet during your WES education time, 6 months out of the year. We will tackle one specific rotation (UCH Floors, DH ICU, etc.) per meeting for 3 of the meetings and 3 residency-wide issues (WES curriculum, noon conferences, etc.)  the other 3 meetings.  All residents are required at every RPEC and are encouraged to contribute their ideas in person or via email if they are on vacation. 

How does the RPEC function?

My vision is to have the RPEC spend 20 minutes talking about and documenting everything they love about the rotation; its strengths. Then they will spend 20 minutes talking about the difficulties and challenges with the rotation; anything else the group believes needs addressing.  Finally, and most importantly, the RPEC will spend the last 70 minutes of the session coming up with solutions that solve the identified problems while retaining what is great about the rotation. 

Once the RPEC is complete, the resident leaders will take the group’s thoughts and get them down on paper in a readable format. The APDs, myself, and a few RPEC reps will then take that document to the firm chief of the rotation along with the RPEC leaders to discuss the resident impression of their experience and to talk about ways to make it better. I expect change to come from this process within 30 days and we will then feed back to you what the outcome was.

What does an RPEC representative do?

The RPEC reps will be present at the RPEC (easy, it’s during your education time and required), will take notes, and compile those notes into the final report to myself, the APDs, and the unit director (for rotation based PRECs). They will also help to present that information and be in charge of reporting out to their class the changes that were enacted.



 PGY 1 RPEC representatives PGY 2 RPEC representatives PGY 3 RPEC representatives
 Megan CalziaCole Buchanan
 Alexander HaydenAna Brar
 Natalie LonginoMeryl Colton
 Kait McLeodViri Estrada 
 CJ Mowry
Tiffany Gardner
 Lila SteinbergDante Mesa
  Sarah Slaven