Journal Club Classics:  Evidence Based Medicine and Medical Literature History


We believe that every well-trained Internist should be familiar with several dozen key works in the medical literature, those landmark studies which have brought our understanding forward and continue to influence practice today.  Over the course of three years, our Internal Medicine residents will have the opportunity to learn 48 of these classics in the medical literature through the Journal Club Classics series.  We hope that the process of reviewing these works will further develop your skills in the critical analysis of medical literature.


Journal Club Classics will be held in accordance with your career track. Each track has their own schedule on when and where they will take place. Categorical and Hospitalist tracks will take place during WES on track WES dates throughout the year, PC will take place at Dr. Chacko's house at a few dates that were defined by her and Akemi. Intern Journal Club Classics is hosted by rotating faculty members every Wednesday from 8am to 12pm.  An email reminder for Intern Journal Club with host information will be sent the first week of the month. 

Housestaff and involved attending physicians will receive an email with links to an electronic copy of that month’s articles. The presenting housestaff should review the articles according to the ACP Journal Club criteria (ACP Journal Club July/August 2007;147:A8-9.) and cover the three primary domains of validity, importance or magnitude of results, and applicability. Faculty attendees will help especially with this third domain. Articles will be assigned during non-ward and non-ICU months on a rotating basis among all resident participants. The housestaff will present 2 articles during their residency. 

You will have 15 minutes to briefly present and discuss your article.  Please use the key questions to help guide your discussion.  There will then be about 15 minutes for the CMR and attending to help you further appraise the article and highlight key issues and learning points.  

Please make a 1 page handout outlining your discussion.  Use the key questions to help guide your format for the handout and make enough copies to distribute.  PowerPoint presentations are optional, but please contact the respective CMRs to help you get this set up if you choose to do a PowerPoint presentation.  Copies of these presentations should be uploaded into Medhub under your Portfolio page so that this can be documented as part of your scholarly activity. ( Medhub portfolio upload instructions)

 Results, Conclusions and Discussion:

We encourage you to bring your own perspective to these club meetings, to undertake discussion and disagreement in the spirit of mutual learning and even to offer alternate articles you feel may contribute to the club’s progress. 

For questions about the Journal Club Classics, please contact or CMR for Categorical, for PC, and​ for HTP.

For questions about the Intern Journal Club Classics, please contact CMR  

Schedule For Journal Clubs will be published when the schedule becomes available.