Jeopardy Rules:  


Jeopardy is the system by which fellow residents cover you for acute illnesses, family emergencies, capped teams, and on rare occasions other unforeseen and emergent circumstances. 

Description Active Jeopardy: Your pager must remain in service, on your person, and you must remain in the Denver Metro area (ie you cannot go to the mountains as traffic is not reliable). You must be ready to report to the hospital within 45 min if paged. 

Description Backup Jeopardy: You will be alerted at least 24 hours in advance if you will be converted to Active jeopardy. It is okay to leave Denver while on Backup Jeopardy, as long as you can return to Denver within 24 hours (ie no flights as they can be unreliable with delays and cancellations). If converted to Active Jeopardy you must be ready to report to the hospital within 45 min if paged. 

Either Active Jeopardy or Backup Jeopardy may be scheduled in advance pending scheduling needs.  


  1. A jeopardy shift is scheduled from 5AM the scheduled day to 5AM the following day 
  2. The last Sunday night of every block is assigned to a resident on RAC, their shift is from 2PM to 5AM the next morning. This is considered an Active Jeopardy shift.  
  3. Active Jeopardy must report on site within 45 min of being paged. 
  4. You cannot go to the mountains on Active Jeopardy. 
  5. You will be given 24 hours' notice if your Backup Jeopardy is getting converted to Active Jeopardy. 
  6. You cannot get on a flight if on Backup Jeopardy.  
  7. If you do not show up within 45 min of being paged, it is considered a missed jeopardy shift. You will be required to take 3 Active Jeopardy shifts of the resident who worked for you (3:1 payback) 
  8. If you miss Backup Jeopardy you will be required to take three Active Jeopardy shifts of the resident who covered for you. 
  9. If you work a night shift, you will be post-call the next day and should not expect to report to work for at least 10 hours.  
  10. Interns are scheduled for up to 7 days of active jeopardy, split into shifts from 5AM Mon to 5AM Friday & 5AM Fri to 5AM the following Monday.  
  11. Senior residents are assigned to for 2 to 3 weeks of jeopardy.  
  12. The last Sunday evening of each block will be covered by 2 senior residents in RAC. Other seniors on their outpatient blocks are transitioning to inpatient the next morning and cannot be post call from jeopardy. 
  1. You cannot moonlight while on active or back up jeopardy.  

    If you need to use Jeopardy: 

    • Contact the CMR on call (1stlisting in amion under “uco im” login). Please page the chief, especially if it is overnight as it is difficult to wake up to a text/phone call. 
    • If you get called into jeopardy:
      • You have 45 min to report to the hospital 
      • o   Email, text or call your clinic director or elective director, especially if they will need to reschedule patient appointments. 

        Rules for trading jeopardy shifts: 

      • All jeopardy shift exchanges must be approved by the jeopardy CMR, 
      • R1s can only trade with R1s 
      • R2s and R3s can trade with R2 or R3 
      • To request a jeopardy swap you must provide (email jepo CMR): 
      • Names of both residents 
      • Dates of the swap
      • What rotations both residents will be on if swap is finalized – please see list of jeopardy eligible rotations here:  
      • There cannot be 2 residents from the same clinic or elective assigned to jeopardy during the same week.   
      • There cannot be 2 residents from the same cliknic or elective assigned to jeopardy during the same week (this can be flexible in urgent situations).
      • You cannot change jeopardy shifts within 4 months of Jeopardy (per clinic protocol) unless there is an emergency.  
      • R2/R3s can only take 1 week of jeopardy during clinic block 
      • You cannot have vacation and jeopardy during a clinic block or geriatrics rotation (this can be flexible in urgent situations)

For more information, please see the Jeopardy Rules Document: Rules.docx or contact Emily Scott (overall jepo rules and jepo swaps) or the CMR on call (urgent jepo needs). 



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