JEOPARDY Description:  Jeopardy is the system by which fellow residents cover you for acute illnesses, family emergencies, capped teams, and on rare occasions other unforeseen and emergent circumstances. It is part of our unique profession, in which the care of the sick requires constant attention, but in which we ourselves can become sick or otherwise need to "respond to life." So, utilize jeopardy when needed, but respect jeopardy and your colleagues by not over-utilizing it. 

Jeopardy is from 5am–5am the next morning. (NEW)

Each R1, R2, and R3 will have approximately 7-14 days of jeopardy coverage assigned throughout the year. These shifts will be during your Continuity Clinic (7 days) and your Electives (7 days). You CANNOT have more than 7 days of jeopardy taken from your Continuity Clinic. (NEW)

Your shifts are designated by your name, followed by an E or C (see below) (NEW)

Trefilek - E (elective)

Trefilek - C (clinic)

Jeopardy during Continuity Clinic

When you are assigned to jeopardy during your Continuity Clinic, YOU are responsible for alerting your clinic if you get called in to cover for someone. Your clinics are working hard to only schedule you for emergent/urgent care visits during that week - so it is important that you communicate with them if you are called into the hospital. (NEW) 

Guidelines for jeopardy

  1. Expect to be called in – you must be in town and on pager at all times. You must be in the hospital 45 minutes after being contacted by the CMR. (NEW) You may not be in the mountains during jeopardy as the pagers are not reliable nor are the roads to get back in a timely fashion.

  2. Jeopardy is for true acute emergencies!  Anticipated absences should be scheduled during electives.  If unable to do so, coverage should be arranged by the resident requiring absentee coverage (must be approved by Benjamin Trefilek)

  3. If you do not show up for jeopardy coverage within the time limits above, it will be considered a missed jeopardy shift.

  4. If you are on jeopardy call and fail to answer a page (requiring another individual to be called in on your behalf), you will be required to pay back the person who covered you by taking two of their jeopardy calls later in the year for each day they covered you (i.e., 2:1 payback).

  5. The Jeopardy schedule is subject to change throughout the year. It is up to you to know your own schedule and have your pager on that day.
  6. If you are called in for jeopardy at night, you do not attend your clinical work duties the following day, but you are required to notify the appropriate people on your rotation. This allows for a 10 hour break. Remind the CMR on call, and we will assist in contacting your respective attendings.
  7. If you notice a mistake that was the fault of the CMR, notify them so they can fix it. 


Swapping Jeopardy Shifts

Please contact Benjamin Trefilek more than one week prior to your scheduled shift to make a change, and make sure all parties involved in the switch are on the email. The CMR will review the switch and determine if approved.

  • Jeopardy cannot be done on ward months, ACE, geriatrics, COVID blocks, RAC, IP Onc, or ED
  • You CANNOT cover someone’s jeopardy shift if you are on Continuity Clinic (NEW)
  • It is the responsibility of the resident initiating the switch to check amion to make sure the switch was entered. If the switch was not entered, the resident initiating the switch must contact the CMR on call one day prior to the shift in order to alert them who to call the following day should jeopardy be needed.

How was the Jeopardy Schedule Created? 

  1. Jeopardy protection requests were reviewed and we try very hard to accommodate all of these requests. It is entirely possible that we made a mistake, please email Benjamin Trefilek as soon as the schedule comes out and we will work on fixing it.

  2. All Residents are scheduled for two blocks of Jeopardy coverage for up to 7 days - one during clinic and one during elective. Again this starts at 5am on Monday morning to 5am the following Monday. (NEW)
  3. To cover the LAST Sunday of a block, upper level residents from RAC will be assigned from 5pm to 5am on Monday. If you are called in, you will be free from your clinical duties on Monday. This ensures that no resident will be post-call when they start a new inpatient rotation. (NEW)

Jeopardy guidelines for Activation:

  1. If during normal business hours, please page the CMR of the site of the jeopardy usage.
  2. If after hours or on the weekends, please contact the CMR on call (1st listing in amion under “uco im” login)


You may contact Benjamin Trefilek with any jeopardy questions.