Contacts for Research Projects

The goal of this list is to provide residents interested in a specific specialty or area of research a point of contact to help guide them to potential research mentors. Feel free to reach out to these contacts to help you find a research project that aligns with your interest. You can also contact your research APDs Lisa Davis ( and Lindsey Davis ( for additional guidance.





Jenny Stitt, MD

Cardiology (outcomes/health care delivery) Larry Allen, MD
Cardiology Bill Cornwell, MD
Cardiology (health services/health disparities) Stacie Daugherty, MD
Cardiology (laboratory/basic science research) Tim McKinsey, PhD
Clinical Pharmacology/Toxicology Curt Freed, MD
Endocrinology Christine Swanson, MD
Gastroenterology Frank Scott, MD
Geriatrics Kerrie Moreau, PhD
General Internal Medicine Joe Frank, MD
General Internal Medicine Jacinda Nicklas, MD
Advocacy Rita Lee, MD
Health Care Policy Mark Earnest, MD PhD
Hematology/BMT (clinical research) Jon Gutman, MD
Hematology (laboratory/translational research) Craig Jordan, PhD
Hospital Medicine Tyler Anstett, DO
Infectious Diseases Carlos Franco-Paredes, MD
Medical Education Tyler Anstett, DO
Nephrology Michel Chonchol, MD
Nephrology Seth Furgeson, MD
Nephrology Anna Jovanovich, MD
Nephrology Jessica Kendrick, MD
Nephrology Stuart Linas, MD
Oncology (clinical research) S. Lindsey Davis, MD
Oncology (laboratory/translational research) John Tentler, PhD
Pulmonary Chris Evans, PhD
Pulmonary Sunita Sharma, MD
Pulmonary Critical Care Ellen Burnham, MD
Rheumatology Liron Caplan, MD
Rheumatology Lisa Davis, MD

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