C3 Global Trauma Network: Cape-Colorado-Combat 

Picture of HEET TeamThe C3 Global Network aims to conduct innovative trauma care research predominantly in international settings, to answer questions regarding optimal trauma care that are both globally needed, and locally relevant.

Through the support of federal and foundation research grant funding, we employ rigorous and contemporary approaches and clinical trial design, implementation science, and patient-level outcome research.

While the C3 network has a core of military-relevant combat trauma research activities in the Western Cape area of South Africa, we perform work in other relevant global health settings including places like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Ghana. We collaborate closely with local stakeholders and partners including ministries of health, EMS agencies, universities, and health institutions.  

Our Team

Period Title Funding Agency: Brief Description
2020-2024Epidemiology and Outcomes of Combat-Relevant Prolonged Trauma Care: a Prospective Multicenter Prehospital Study in South AfricaUS Department of DefenseThe overall objective of this proposal is to conduct an epidemiologic trauma study to assess the effect of time and early resuscitation on morbidity and mortality of trauma patients in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. There will be 10 research sites and about 30,000 patients enrolled. Findings will help fill civilian and military scientific gaps in trauma care and help strengthen the trauma care system in the Western Cape of South Africa.
2019-2021 Establishing the Epidemiology and Outcomes of Combat-Relevant Prolonged Trauma Care: a Prospective Multicenter Prehospital Pilot Study in South Africa. The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, through the Defense Medical Research and Development Program
The overall objective of this proposal is to conduct a pilot study that will directly inform a future large-scale (primary) study to prospectively describe the outcomes of patients with combat-relevant injuries in an austere setting that features a high prevalence of penetrating injuries and long durations of field care.
2018 – 2020 A Quasi-Experimental Trial of Pre-Hospital Bundled Care to Improve Outcomes in Hemorrhagic Shock NIH, Funding Institute is NHLBI.Measure pre-hospital quality of traumatic shock care due to bundled versus non-bundled shock care.
Assess in-hospital clinical outcomes due to bundled versus non-bundled pre-hospital shock care.
2018-2020 Implementing an Evidence-Based Bundled Trauma Care Intervention (‘EMS-TruShoC’) to Reduce Heart, Lung, and Blood Organ System Failure in Resource-Limited Settings. NIH NHLBI K12 IMPACT (Implementation to Achieve Clinical Transformation (IMPACT): The Colorado Training Program) The overall purpose of this proposed research is to scale-up an evidence-based trauma intervention, termed Emergency Medical Services Traumatic Shock Care (EMS-TruShoC), in a resource-limited setting.
2018-2020 ‘EMS-TruShoC’ – A Prospective Trial of Low-Dose, High-Frequency, On-Site Training to Improve Trauma Field Care in Austere Settings. Defense Health Agency (J9, Research and Development Directorate; US Department of the Air Force (59th Medical Wing) EMS-TruShoC is a promising low-cost, high-impact, pragmatic solution for training of US Air Force, military, and civilian medics in resource-limited and remote settings, mirroring the austere combat environment with an emphasis on prolonged field care. This project seeks to implement EMS-TruShoC in an austere setting, and assess the resultant educational and clinical outcomes.
2018 Carnegie Africa Diaspora Program Fellowship Carnegie Corporation of New York Mini-grant to support travel and presentation to an academic conference
2017-2019 Implementation of a Novel Prehospital Shock Care Intervention in a Resource Constrained African Setting. Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF)The goal of this study is to formally develop an innovative prehospital shock trauma care (training) intervention to improve recognition and management of shock, then implement the package in an emergency medical services (EMS) system in South Africa while assessing implementation outcomes.
2017-2018 Improving the Quality of Prehospital Traumatic Shock Care in Resource-Limited Settings Falck FoundationThe goal of this study is to conduct a pilot intervention to assess the feasibility of implementing a novel educational on-site training program (EMS-TruShoC), and assessing educational outcomes, in a resource-limited ambulance station in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.
2017-2018 Improving Early Traumatic Shock Care in Resource Limited Settings (Validation of a Quality of Traumatic Shock Care Chart Abstraction Instrument) University of Colorado, Department of Emergency Medicine (Pilot Grant) Validating A Novel Instrument to Quantify Prehospital Traumatic Shock
2014-2015 Epidemiology and Inpatient Management of Patients Hospitalized for Acute Asthma: 37th Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC-37) Study Novartis to the Massachusetts General Hospital Characterizing Hospitalized Asthma Patients To Determine Concordance Of Their Inpatient Care With National Asthma Guidelines, And To Characterize The Post-Hospitalization Asthma Care.
2014-2015 Assessing the Effectiveness and Outcomes of an Emergency First Aid Responder (EFAR) System Carnegie Corporation of New York Studying the Effectiveness and Outcomes of the EFAR Program in Western Cape, South Africa.
2014-2015 Assessing the Effectiveness and Outcomes of an Emergency First Aid Responder (EFAR) System University of Colorado, Department of Emergency Medicine (Seed Grant)studying the effectiveness and outcomes of the EFAR program in Western Cape, South Africa.
2012-2013 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Assessment of Ashanti Region, Ghana NIH Fogarty International Center Conducting a mixed-methods regional EMS system assessment.
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