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Acceptability and Feasibility of a Peer-to-Peer Firearm-Specific Means Safety Intervention  
Initiative Investigator(s)Simonetti
Description / Aims This study aims to determine the feasibility and acceptability of a veteran-to-veteran firearm safety suicide prevention intervention.
Funding Agency VA Clinical Science Research and Development
A Micro-and Macro Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Colorado
Initiative Investigator(s)Knoepke, Barnard, Huss
Description / Aims This study will focus on the way ERPO laws work and how they fall short in their intended effects on firearm mortality. 
Funding Agency National Institute of Justice
A Stakeholder and Data-Engaged Approach to Improving Uptake of Extreme Risk Protection Orders Among Law Enforcement in Colorado  
Initiative Investigator(s)Knoepke, Betz
Description / Aims The aim of this study is to better understand and operationalize law enforcement officers training for Extreme risk protection orders.
Funding Agency Fund for a Safer Future 
Completing the Causal Chain of ERPO Effectiveness: A Parallel Mixed-Method Study 
Initiative Investigator(s)Knoepke, Huss, Barnard
Description / Aims Goals are to evaluate ERPO effectiveness according to 1) whether criminal justice and death outcomes differ between those for whom orders are granted and when they're denied and 2) whether and how documentation of firearm relinquishment is occurring when orders are granted.
Funding Agency National Collaborative for Gun Violence Research
Developing Artificial Intelligence Methods to Identify Firearm and Substance Use Suicide Risk Factors in the VHA EMR
Initiative Investigator(s)Simonetti
Description / Aims The aim of this study is to use natural language processing and machine learning methods to identify important suicide risk factors located in free-text EMR entries. 
Funding Agency VA Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Development & Testing of a Veteran-Centered Lethal Means Safety Suicide Prevention Intervention 
Initiative Investigator(s)Simonetti, Betz
Description / Aims This study aims to develop and test a lethal means safety intervention in VHA ED settings. 
Funding Agency VA Health Services Research & Development 
Firearm Safety in PTSD (FaSP): A Randomized Controlled Trial of Lethal Means Safety Counseling Among Service Members and Civilians with PTSD
Initiative Investigator(s)Stanley
Description / Aims The primary objective is to evaluate the efficacy of Firearm Safety in PTSD (FaSP), a brief lethal means safety counseling intervention that therapeutically targets PTSD-related exaggerated perceptions of threat to promote safe firearm storage practices, for firearm-owning service members and civilians with PTSD.
Funding Agency Department of Defense
Identifying Optimal Messengers to Prevent Firearm-Related Suicide: Delivery of Lethal Means Safety Counseling by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Personnel 
Initiative Investigator(s)Stanley
Description / Aims This study will gather emergency medical services (EMS) stakeholder feedback regarding the acceptability and feasibility of EMS-delivered lethal means safety interventions focused on secure firearm storage.
Funding Agency New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center
Incentivizing Lethal Means Safety Among Veterans at Risk for Suicide
Initiative Investigator(s)Simonetti
Description / Aims This study seeks to test the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary efficacy of using incentives-based interventions to motivate changes in firearm storage practices among veterans with elevated suicide risk.
Funding Agency VA Health Services Research and Development Service
Mental health phenotypes shaped by trauma exposure, symptom severity, and individual characteristics among recent Latinx immigrant adults
Initiative Investigator(s)Vargas
Description / Aims  
Funding Agency National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
Partnering with Firearm Retailers to Provide Discounted Firearm Locking Devices for Veteran Suicide Prevention
Initiative Investigator(s)Kelly, Stanley
Description / Aims This study aims to inform researchers on whether a financial discount breaks down a barrier for customers to purchase a locking device, and further research could test the effectiveness of the discount on a larger scale.
Funding Agency United Services Automobile Association and Face the Fight
Pause to Protect: Building Partnerships Between Military Installations and Nearby Firearm Ranges/Retailers
Initiative Investigator(s)Betz, Kelly, Simonetti, Knoepke, Stanley
Description / Aims This study will develop partner networks of civilian firearm ranges/retailers linked to five military installations in the United States to support lethal means safety education and responsible firearm ownership promotion with service members and their families.
Funding Agency U.S. Department of Defense/Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium
Protective Environments: Military Community Engagement to Prevent Firearm-Related Violence 
Initiative Investigator(s)Betz, Stanley 
Description / Aims This study aims to adapt the Project Safe Guard intervention for universal delivery and testing at Buckley Space Force Base in Aurora, CO. 
Funding Agency U.S. Department of Defense/Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium 
Safety in Dementia: An Online Caregiver Intervention  
Initiative Investigator(s)Betz, Knoepke
Description / Aims This study aims to learn more about the decisions that take place when people begin to think about removing firearms from the home as they age and create resources and other support tools to help families plan for what to do about firearms in the home in the future. 
Funding Agency National Institute on Aging 
SECuRe: Securing the Environment, Connecting to Reduce Risk 
Initiative Investigator(s)Betz, Stanley 
Description / Aims The SECuRe study aims to adapt and pilot the Lock to Live (L2L) firearm and medication storage decision-making tool for use within the Military Health System. 
Funding Agency U.S. Department of Defense/ Air Force Research Laboratory 
State-Academic Partnership Opportunities for the Colorado Office of Gun Violence Prevention
Initiative Investigator(s)Betz, Kelly
Description / Aims This project supports the Colorado Office of Gun Violence Prevention in fulfilling the expectations laid out in Colorado House Bill 21-1299, including the development and maintenance of a resource bank as a repository for data, research, and statistical information regarding firearm injuries and deaths, and their prevention, in Colorado. 
Funding Agency Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment 
Support for Missouri Communities to Examine and Explore Firearm Violence
Initiative Investigator(s)Kelly
Description / Aims The aim of this study is to support two Missouri communities to develop tailored data collection methods and tools used to facilitate community conversations to understand how local community members perceive firearm injury and violence and identify ways in which the communities may collectively prevent firearm injury and death in the future. 
Funding Agency Missouri Foundation for Health
Understanding Reasons for Recent Firearm Purchasing Among Black Americans 
Initiative Investigator(s)Simonetti
Description / Aims The aim of this pilot study is to explore perspectives on firearm purchasing and ownership among Black Americans who recently acquired a firearm. 
Funding Agency University of Pennsylvania INSPIRE Center 
VetStore: Secure Firearm Storage for Veterans When They Need It, Where They Want It, In Places They Trust  
Initiative Investigator(s)Kelly
Description / Aims The aim of this project is to develop, test, and scale-up the VetStore program, which educates and connects Veterans and their families to secure firearm storage devices. 
Funding Agency Mission Daybreak Grand Challenge, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs 
VHA Service Use Proximal to Firearm Suicide Among U.S. Veterans
Initiative Investigator(s)Simonetti, Holliday
Description / Aims This study will focus on identifying sites and frequency of care among veterans who died by firearm suicide between 2015-2021, as well as identifying clinical population phenotypes.
Funding Agency VA Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention


The Colorado Firearm Injury Prevention Survey (COFIPS) is an anonymous, online questionnaire that provides comprehensive, Colorado-specific data and insight into the impact and prevention of firearm-involved harms in our state. FIPI, in partnership with the Colorado School of Public Health Injury & Violence Prevention Center, leads the COFIPS effort, which will be conducted annually. 

In addition to leading data collection and analysis, FIPI is committed to releasing this data and related resources to the public, via the COFIPS website.

Colorado Firearm Injury Prevention Survey (COFIPS) logo

Our webinar series highlights collaborative, innovative approaches to firearm injury prevention happening in communities across the country. We hope these sessions can facilitate discussions, spread awareness, and build inter- and multi-disciplinary networks. 

Upcoming Webinars

Stay tuned for future webinars.

Archived Recordings

March 2024 - “Pause to Protect: A New Way for Firearm Businesses to Prevent Firearm Injury or Death” with FIPI founding director Emmy Betz, MD, MPH, FIPI director of research and evaluation Erin Kelly, DrPH, MA; Jehrin Clark; Matthew Wetenkamp; and Jacquelyn Clark; and Jacquelyn Clark. 

January 2024 - "Firearms in Colorado: Findings from the Inaugural Colorado Firearm Injury Prevention Survey" with FIPI’s director of research and evaluation Erin Kelly, DrPH, MA.

November 2023 - "A Public Health Approach to Firearm Injury Prevention – A Focus on Community Firearm Violencewith FIPI affiliate faculty members Ben Li, MD, Quintin Myers, PhD, and Hoffman Firearm Injury and Violence Prevention Scholarship Awardee Ginny McCarthy, DrPH(c) MPH, MD. 

September 2023 – "Understanding the intersection of threats, self-protection, and firearm ownership" with Tara D. Warner, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Nick Buttrick, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

July 2023 – “A public health approach to firearm injury prevention – a focus on firearm suicide” with Dr. Erin Kelly, Dr. Chris Knoepke, Dr. Emmy Betz, and Dr. Joe Simonetti.

May 2023 – “Evidence-Informed Approaches to Preventing School Gun Violence” with Dr. Paul Reeping and Dr. Sonali Rajan.

April 2023 – “Participatory Action Research to Inform a Social-Ecological Model of Gun-Related Attitudes, Behaviors, and Practices with Dr. Krista Mehari and Dr. Phillip Smith from the University of South Alabama.

March 2023Changing the Narrative on Gun Violence Reporting in Philadelphia” with the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting. 

February 2023 – "Developing and Implementing a Rural Community Violence Intervention in New Jersey" with Dr. Daniel Semenza from the New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center.

January 2023 – “Crisis Outreach Response and Engagement in Longmont, CO” with Kate Origer and Omar Norgaisse from the Crisis Outreach Response and Engagement (CORE) Team. 

November 2022 – “The Armory Project: A Community-Partnered Approach to Providing Temporary, Out-of-Home Firearm Storage” with Dr. Gala True from the Department of Veterans Affairs and Caleb Morse from Rustic Renegade. 

October 2022 – “Promoting Voluntary, Temporary Firearm Storage and Development of Firearm Storage Maps” with Dr. Emmy Betz & Leslie Barnard from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Dr. Ali Rowhani Rahbar from the University of Washington. 

October 2022 – “Firearms, Intimate Partner Violence, and Women's Health” with Dr. April Zeoli from the University of Michigan, Christine Foote-Lucero from UCHealth’s Forensic Nursing Program, and Abigail Hansen with SafeHouse Denver. 

On an ongoing basis, FIPI hosts virtual “office hours” open to any firearm business (shooting ranges, retailers, instructors, etc.) owners or operators interested in learning more about how to become community leaders in reducing firearm-involved injuries and deaths by providing customer education and/or offering community services (on-site storage, free or reduced locking devices). This informal setting facilitates opportunities for discussion and Q&A with firearm retail, secure storage, and suicide prevention experts and peer businesses.

Sessions are led by:

  • Jacquelyn Clark: Founder & Owner of Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center; Firearm Industry Partnership Coordinator for Pause to Protect
  • Jehrin Clark: Firearm Industry Partnership Coordinator for Pause to Protect
  • Matt Wetenkamp: Collaboration & Partnerships Coordinator for FIPI; USMC Veteran

Office hours are available the first Thursday and third Wednesday of every month at 11am MST. Advanced registration is requested.

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