Education Dashboard

A Novel Method for Data Visualization

The education leadership in the Department of Emergency Medicine recently launched a set of dynamic dashboards for key education information. These dashboards provide a single- point-of-entry for learners, faculty and education leaders to access program- and individual-level data as appropriate. Dashboards enhance the Department’s ability to make data-driven decisions around improvement.

The first set of dashboards provides both snapshot and in-depth views for:

  • Faculty participation in education: Specific metrics include openings to view the faculty development program PINNACLE, lecture hours provided at resident conference, attendance at resident conference, and evaluations completed by the faculty.  With this dashboard, education leaders can easily compare and contrast faculty participation in educational offerings and can view trends over time.  
  • Didactic content delivery: This dashboard displays data pertaining to evaluations of the faculty who provide didactic content to the residents. 
  • Clinical evaluation: Faculty, residents and education leadership can examine evaluation data from residents that focuses on the quality of clinical teaching provided by the faculty.

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