John Marx Medical Education Development Scholarship


The Department of Emergency Medicine is providing a funding opportunity for medical educators to attend a faculty development course pertaining to medical education.


The goal of this funding opportunity is to continuously improve medical education by:

  • Continuing application of new knowledge.
  • Improving the quality of training in medical education and fostering the continued development of medical educators.
  • Facilitate collaboration among individuals representing a broad range of disciplines who contribute to medical education.
  • Facilitate the exchange of contemporary medical education principles, disseminate the results of scholarship, and encourage their application to education practice.
  • Development and implementation of an innovative education project.
  • Publication of scholarship.

Key Dates

Scholarship Application Process

  1. Applicants will prepare a proposal for an innovative education project by the scholarship deadline.
  2. The proposal will be reviewed by the Review Committee appointed by the Vice Chair of Education of the Department of Emergency Medicine. The final decision of approval will be made jointly by the Review Committee and the Vice Chair of Education.
  3. Proposals will need to include a preference of attending one of the following faculty development programs:
    1. ACEP Teaching Fellowship (
    2. Harvard Macy Institute Professional Development Course (
    3. ALiEM Faculty Incubator (

Scholarship Requirements

  • Eligible applicants include full-time faculty members of the Department of Emergency Medicine at ≥ 0.8 FTE.
  • Education should represent a significant portion of their professional goals.
  • Applicants may receive this scholarship only once during their career.
  • Applicants who receive the scholarship are expected to:
    • Develop an innovative education project for the Department of Emergency Medicine.
    • Provide a 6- and 12-month progress reports to the Blue Affinity Group.
    • Provide a final report and implement the innovative education project.
    • Present the final report of the innovative education project at a combined faculty meeting.
    • Submit and achieve acceptance of a peer-reviewed publication and/or other atypical form of scholarship pertaining to the innovative education project.

Scholarship Format

  • Personal statement that includes a description of how this scholarship and the education development course furthers the applicant’s goals as an educator. Include a statement of agreement to participate in all aspects of the selected faculty development course if selected for the scholarship (1 page maximum).
  • Project proposal form.
  • Current Curriculum Vitae.

Scholarship Award

  • ACEP Teaching Fellowship:
    • Award of $2,000 for expenses related to registration, lodging, and travel.
  • AliEM Faculty Incubator:
    • Award of $2,000 for expenses related to registration, lodging, and travel.
  • Harvard Macy Institute:
    • One award of up to $6,000 for expenses related to registration, lodging, and travel.

Submission Deadline and Review Process

  • Proposals must be submitted here by 5:00 pm MST on the submission due date to be considered for funding.
  • The applications will be reviewed by the Review Committee appointed by the Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Emergency Medicine.


Applications will be judged based on the criteria listed below:

  • Importance of the proposed project.
  • Clarity of the goals, relevance of literature, and plan for dissemination.
  • Realistic scope of the project.
  • Potential to impact the Department of Emergency Medicine, including the project’s potential to serve as a model for other education-related projects or to influence curriculum design or new methods of instruction or evaluation.
  • Potential to impact educational practice in UME, GEM, or faculty development.


All inquires and communication should be addressed to Jessica Hitt-Laustsen, Education Manager, Department of Emergency Medicine at

Emergency Medicine (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Leprino Building

12401 East 17th Avenue

7th Floor

Aurora, CO 80045


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