Funded Research

​The Department of Emergency Medicine faculty has been successful at obtaining internal and external funding support for a variety of research projects. Funded grants are listed below by Principal Investigator.

TitleSponsorPrincipal InvestigatorStart DateEnd Date
Advancing Novel Cyanide CountermeasuresNIHBEBARTA,VIKHYAT SUGYANI8/1/20195/31/2020
Optimization of AEOL10150 treatment of sulfur mustard-induced lung toxidrome NJHBEBARTA,VIKHYAT SUGYANI6/1/20195/31/2020
Development of the Vitamin B12 Analog cobinamide as a Hydrogen SulfideNIHBEBARTA,VIKHYAT SUGYANI9/1/20198/31/2020
Sodium Tetrathionate as a Cyanide AntidoteNIHBEBARTA,VIKHYAT SUGYANI6/1/20185/31/2019
Oral Glycine for Oral Cyanide PoisoningDHHABEBARTA,VIKHYAT SUGYANI6/1/20185/31/2020
Evaluation of DMTS as a Cyanide Antidote in a Clinically Relevant Severely Ill in pre-clinical modelDoD/USAMRMCBEBARTA,VIKHYAT SUGYANI9/24/20199/23/2020
Decision Making Among Older Adults: the AUTO studyNIHBETZ,MARIAN E.5/1/20192/29/2024
Patient Decision Aid to Augment Lethal Means Counseling for Suicidal PatientsNIHBETZ,MARIAN E.7/1/20174/30/2021
The Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LongROAD) StudyAAABETZ,MARIAN E.3/22/201912/31/2022
Integration of Firearm Suicide Prevention Tools in Health Care Settings: Patient-Reported Access to Firearms & Decision Aid for Securing FirearmsKaiserBETZ,MARIAN E.1/1/20206/30/2020
IPA Agreement - NASANASAEASTER,BENJAMIN D.12/8/201812/7/2020
Precision Medicine Approach to Vitamin D3 Administration in Critical IllnessNIHGINDE,ADIT A.7/1/20196/30/2020
Multicenter Implementation Trial of Targeted Normoxia Strategy to Define Oxygen Requirements for Major Burn Patients: An Approach to Reduce Warfighter Morbidity, Deployed Logistical Burden of Oxygen, and Readiness CostsDoDGINDE,ADIT A.1/30/20201/31/2023
The Impact of Fluid Resuscitation on Glycocalyx Degradation in Septic ShockNIHGINDE,ADIT A.9/1/20198/31/2020
Adverse events after emergency department discharge for conditions with high variability in disposition decisions. Fellow: Avi BaehrEMFGINDE,ADIT A.7/1/20196/30/2020
National Trends in Readmission, Illness Severity, Survival, and Cost of Sepsis Readmission After a Recent Hospitalization for Sepsis . Fellow: Matt LippiEMFGINDE,ADIT A.7/1/20196/30/2020
Boost Rider Connected to MTA with Univ of MichiganNIHGINDE,ADIT A.7/1/20186/30/2020
Vitamin D to improve outcomes by Leveraging early treatment Long-term brain outcomes in vitamin D Deficient Patients ( VILOET BUD)NIHGINDE,ADIT A.9/5/20188/31/2020
Innovative Methods to evaluate the role of Influenza vacciens in aattenuating severe diseas in Adult ( IVY)NIHGINDE,ADIT A.7/10/20197/9/2020
Multicenter Implementation Trial of Targeted Normoxia Strategy to Define Oxygen Requirements for Combat Casualty CareDOAGINDE,ADIT A.3/1/20202/28/2023
Serum APAP-cys Adduct Concentrations in Subjects Expected to Develop Aminotransferase Elevations with Liver-Directed Therapy Intended to Treat Hepatic Tumors (Embo)DHHAHEARD DR.,KENNON J7/1/201812/31/2020
A Health System Wide Evaluation of Mandated Use and Clinical Decision Support Tools to Improve PDMP Utilization and Patient OutcomesDORAHOPPE,JASON A12/26/20199/30/2022
SB 18-22 Evaluation: Assess the implementation of Colorado Senate Bill 18-022 on patient outcomes and provider prescribing behaviorCDPHEHOPPE,JASON A10/1/20199/30/2020
Development and Piloting of a Decision Tool for Emergency Department Opioid Initiation to Decrease Future Substance Abuse and Chronic UseDoD/USAFHOPPE,JASON A8/3/20188/2/2021
EMBED: Pragmatic trial of user-centered clinical decision support to implement EMergency department-initiated BuprenorphinE for opioid use DisorderNIHHOPPE,JASON A4/1/20203/31/2021
KBRWyle Consulting Agreement Flow Thru from NASANASALEMERY,JOHN M.9/24/20199/30/2020
Practical Research Management Online Curricula for Early Career Physician ScientistsDoris DukeLIBBY PH.D.,ANNE MICHELLE7/1/20196/30/2020
CAPNET - Building Research Capacity in Child Abuse PediatricsNIHLINDBERG,DANIEL MARTIN4/1/20203/31/2025
Using Clinical Design Support to Improve Child Physical Abuse TestingNIHLINDBERG,DANIEL MARTIN3/1/20161/31/2021
Machine Learning for Cytotoxic Edema in Pediatric Traumatic Brain InjuryCDHSLINDBERG,DANIEL MARTIN10/21/20196/30/2021
Personalizing EmerGency/Acute therapeuticS Utilizing Systems biology (PEGASUS)NIHMONTE,ANDREW A.9/1/20188/31/2022
Markers for Early Detection of Morbidity and Mortality in Patients with Sepsis and Septic ShockEndpointMONTE,ANDREW A.9/26/20199/25/2024
Predicting Outcomes of Critically Ill Syndromes in UCHealth PatientsEndpointMONTE,ANDREW A.9/26/20199/25/2024
SPARK Grant - A Functional Assay for Synthetic Cannabinoid DetectionState of ColoradoMONTE,ANDREW A.6/26/20195/31/2022
Ethnography of Synthetic Cannabinoid Abusers to Target Substance Abuse Intervention. DoD/USAFMONTE,ANDREW A.3/30/20183/29/2020
Implementation of a Novel Pre-hospital Shock Care Intervention in a Resource Constrained African SettingEMFMOULD-MILLMAN M.D.,NEE-KOFI7/1/20176/30/2020
Establishing the Epidemiology and Outcomes of Combat-Relevant Prolonged Trauma Care: a Prospective Multicenter Prehospital Pilot Study in South AfricaDoDMOULD-MILLMAN M.D.,NEE-KOFI9/30/20199/29/2021
A Prospective Study of Low-Dose, High Frequency, On-Site Training to Improve Field Care in Austere SettingsDoDMOULD-MILLMAN M.D.,NEE-KOFI7/30/20187/29/2020
Monotherapy Anticoagulation to Expedite Home Treatmen of Venous Thromboembolism ( MATH VTE) NORDENHOLZ,KRISTEN ELIZABETH3/29/20193/28/2024
Improving Care After Cardiac Arrest by Informing Surrogate Decision MakersNIHPERMAN M.D.,SARAH M8/18/20175/31/2021
Exploring Institutional Variability in Neuro-prognostication for Survivors of Cardiac ArrestNIHPERMAN M.D.,SARAH M9/1/20198/31/2021


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