Emergency Care Clerkship

The Emergency Care Clerkship is a two-week curriculum during the third year at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Our vision is to exposure you to the pre-hospital and emergency medicine environment to allow you to better understand the challenges for patients and providers to provide outstanding clinical care to patients who are in need of acute medical care.

During this clerkship, students will become familiar with the recognition and initial stabilization of a patient who requires urgent or emergent health care. Specific areas of focus will include recognition of patients needing emergent intervention from shock states, altered mental status, toxicologic ingestions, and trauma. There will also be experiences related to prehospital care, splinting, disaster scenarios, simulation exercises with both adult and pediatric patients, and exposure to clinical care within interprofessional teams. The course is graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

Course Goals

Core Clinical Conditions 

    Emergency Medicine (SOM)

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