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Richard Zane, MD

Professor and Chair

The Department of Emergency Medicine works to change the world through excellence in clinical care, research, education, and innovation. Our mission attracts people inspired by possibilities—“blue sky” thinkers.
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Picture of Vik Bebarta

Vik Bebarta, MD

I can give them 30 units of blood and get them to a surgeon with lots of tubes and procedures, but what they really need is someone to say it’s going to be okay.
Picture of Calvello Hynes

Emilie Calvello Hynes, MD

I would like to come to your institution. And I would like to build your global emergency care program. What do you think about that?” Calvello Hynes announced. Zane’s answer? A resounding yes.

Picture of Christopher Hoyte

Christopher Hoyte, MD

For patients, it’s life and death. I want to learn how we can treat illness and support patients with recovery science that we learn from athletes. That can help patients recover more quickly and survive.
Picture of Emmy Betz

Emmy Betz, MD, MPH

If I can do something to help other families suffering from loss, that feels important to me.

Pictures of Adit Ginde

Adit Ginde, MD, MPH

I had prepared my whole career for this moment, and this was the moment that duty called. You are doing things for public health purposes. There was no greater challenge or honor that I could imagine for my career.
Picture of Kathleen Flarity

Kathleen Flarity, DNP, PhD

Healthcare professionals see in one day what most of humanity does not see in a lifetime. As leaders, we need to figure out what works to help people, individually and collectively.
Picture of Jay Lemery

Jay Lemery, MD

For humans to have a sustained presence in deep space, all the medical risk assumptions we’ve made have to be rewritten and reimagined.

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