Diploma in Climate Medicine

The University of Colorado School of Medicine, building on the success of its Physician Fellowships in Climate & Health, is pleased to announce a new professional development program for health care providers of all specialties.

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Physician Fellowships in Climate Medicine

Our goal is to train highly credible, knowledgeable health leaders in clinical, basic science, and policy settings.

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Climate Action Platform

The Climate Action Platform at the University of Colorado School of Medicine is dedicated to empowering human potential for a more resilient world.

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Fellows and Faculty at COP 28 in Dubai, UAE

Advancing Climate Medicine in Colorado and Throughout the World

The Climate & Health Program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine has the critical mission to advance education and outreach on one of the greatest global health challenges of our lifetime.

Every day, health care professionals bear witness to the impacts of climate instability on the health and well-being of people throughout the world. In the United States alone, we have recently experienced multiple hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, resulting in flooded cities and the displacement of millions. Toxic wildfire smoke has blanketed the American West with degraded air quality. Extreme rainfall in California has caused devastating landslides. These historic changes to our ecosystems are undermining healthy living, increasing illness and worsening health outcomes for the most vulnerable in communities throughout the world.

The need for deliberate action and informed policies is becoming more urgent. Through our program, we will reach out to communities in need and train health care professionals to accelerate progress in addressing climate change and its effect on health.



"It is our goal to advance the capacity of health care professionals on our campus and around the world to affect change on this critical health crisis."



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