Introducing the Diploma in Climate Medicine

Building on the success of its Physician Fellowship in Climate & Health, the University of Colorado School of Medicine is pleased to announce a new professional development program for health care providers of all specialties.

The Diploma in Climate Medicine from the CU school of Medicine offers
professional distinction for expertise and leadership on this growing health crisis

Program Overview

Government, nonprofit funding agencies, and hospital systems are scaling up climate and health opportunities. Health care providers must learn to lead on:

  • Climate & Health Science Policy
  • Environmental Justice
  • Health Care System Decarbonization and Resiliency
  • Workforce Training
  • Climate & Health Research and Dissemination

Community leaders, deans, department chairs, elected officials, hospital CEOs, nonprofit executive directors, and government agencies will be tasked with climate plans. They will need expertise and counsel on the health impacts of their operations and policies to benefit their constituencies and patients.

Our ecosystems are now under such stress that widescale human suffering is all but a certainty. Record heat exposures, flooding episodes, wildfires, hurricanes, and forced displacement are increasingly exacerbating health disparities, predominantly in our most vulnerable populations. 

Diploma Climate and HealthThe first diplomate class at the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Diplomates in Climate Medicine will be credible, knowledgeable, and effective leaders on smart, patient-centric policies on this critical health crisis.

Few clinicians can effectively articulate the dizzy interplay between public health, energy policy, geopolitics, earth science, government, and medicine. Policy has stalled due to the difficulty in translating complex earth science into convincing connections between extreme heat and illness in urban communities, pandemics and loss of biodiversity, or severe weather and food insecurity.

Climate Medicine Diplomates can fill that gap, crafting patient-centric narratives when working with CEOs, community leaders, and policymakers by:

  • Advocating for climate-resilient policies.
  • Credibly addressing deeply rooted environmental justice issues.
  • Effectively leading health systems to de-carbonize.

ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL RECEIVE A PRINTED COPY OF OUR TEXTBOOK, Global Climate Change and Human Health (2e) and a logo’ed CLIMATE MEDICINE fleece!







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