Climate & Health Science Policy Fellowship

In 2017, we inaugurated the nation’s first graduate medical education (GME) fellowship in Climate & Health Science Policy with the purpose of empowering health care professionals through education, policy, and communication skills. Our goal: to train highly credible, knowledgeable health leaders in clinical, basic science, and policy settings.

We have now scaled up and support FIVE physician fellows per year, from numerous medical specialties. The hallmark of our program is robust policy preceptorships with seven federal agencies and numerous non-profits engaged in climate and health. Fellows meet weekly for faculty didactics, and numerous times per year at fellowship events and at national and international conferences. Fellows support their own clinical work, and reside remotely.

Our graduates have gone on to be some of the nation's foremost leaders in climate and health work in education, research, health care system sustainability and decarbonization, city, state and federal government policy, and as multimedia thought leaders.

Our fellowship program is made possible through the generous support of the Climate and Health Foundation and the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

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We are proud to support five Climate & Health Science Policy Fellows per year-- all health care professionals with varied board certifications and working clinically in different parts of the country.

Our program serves as a powerful demonstration of the expanded role for physician advocates in a time when public concerns and impacts about health and climate are growing, and the federal response is now ramping up to meet these needs.

We can't think of a better endeavor for our creative energies, educational passion, and professional work. Our team believes the impact of training leaders in the field of climate and health will force-multiply our national risk assessment and influence policy change for years to come. It is our hope that the University of Colorado School of Medicine will be the center of Climate Medicine and that our fellowship graduates will become the formidable innovators and leaders we need on this critical issue for humanity.

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