University Fellowships

Administration, Operations, and Quality

This SAEM accredited fellowship is specifically designed to train healthcare leaders by developing expertise in clinical operation, quality management, process improvement, human resource management, information technology, financial management, program development, observation medicine, and effective leadership.

Anesthesia Critical Care Medicine

This ACGME approved fellowship is designed to complement core Emergency Medicine residency education and prepare graduates to work in a variety of critical care settings.

Climate & Health Science Policy

This fellowship is designed to empower physicians through education and successful communication skills and to characterize the impact of these changes on our collective health.

Global Emergency Medicine and Public Health

This fellowship prepares emergency physicians to effectively participate in global health by providing training in the foundations of emergency medicine education, emergency systems development, humanitarian assistance, disaster management, community and public health, travel and field medicine, and program management.

Medical Education Science

This fellowship is designed to train leaders in medical education by allowing fellows to put knowledge of education theory, curriculum development, assessment, and evaluation into practice as they first participate in and subsequently lead education-related innovations and scholarship. 


This SAEM accredited fellowship is designed to train the fellow in the ethical conduct of clinical research and to provide the skills necessary to obtain extramural funding and to become an independent physician-scientist in emergency medicine.

Wilderness Medicine

This fellowship is designed to blend formal didactic education, wilderness research, expedition experience, and diverse teaching opportunities. The Fellowship is hosted by the University of Colorado Section of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.

Emergency Medicine (SOM)

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