Finance & Administration

Picture of Becky McGowanBecky McGowan, MBA
Vice Chair, Finance & Administration 
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Picture of Audrey WenAudrey Wen
Assistant Director, Finance & Administration
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Human Resources

Picture of John PerryJohn Perry, MBA
HR & Faculty Affairs Manager
Picture of Michelle FiandraMichelle Fiandra
Business Services Sr. Professional
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Picture of Corey GilletteCorey Gillette
Finance & Accounting Sr Professional 
Picture of Shaun McMullinShaun McMullin, MS
Finance Reporting Specialist
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Picture of Brent RegnitzBrent Regnitz
Procurement Specialist 
(720) 848-6781


Picture of Claudia SmithClaudia Smith
Education Coordinator
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Administrative & Operation Support

Aerne, Rachel​Rachel Aerne
Executive Assistant to Dr. Bookman 
(720) 848-6864
Pictures of Breanna McKercherBreanna McKercher
Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Coordinator
Picture of Claudia SmithMeagan Rivers
Administrative Assistant III
Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Coordinator
Picture of Kathy SpindleKathy Spindle
Academic Affairs Specialist; 
Executive Assistant to Dr. Libby
(720) 848-6789
Picture of Kim Trzcinski-FernandesKim Trzcinkski-Fernandes
Executive Assistant to the Chairman, Dr. Zane 
(720) 848-7630

Business Analytics Team

Picture of Doug McCready Doug McCready
Business Services Program Director
(720) 848-1552
Picture of Michael DevivoMichael DeVivo
Senior Analytics Developer
(720) 848-9742
Picture of Alex GreigAlex Greig
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Developer 
(720) 848-2159
Picture of Christina MickleChristina Mickle
Pathways System Coordinator 
(720) 848-9743
Picture of Qua NguyenQua Nguyen
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Developer