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Course: Promotion 201

Promotion 201 is a video course designed to give an overview of the promotion process and a starting point to prepare a promotion dossier. The School of Medicine has a faculty orientation lecture called “Promotion 101” delivered during annual new employee orientation sessions. This course continues that training in specific terms with examples. Our goal is to help early career faculty members make a plan for meeting promotion standards as they build careers on the faculty at CU Anschutz. Course completion earns a certificate. The course link will direct you to enroll for free.
Course Directors: Anne Libby, PhD (Emergency Medicine); Greg Austin, MD (Medicine-Gastroenterology); Carol Rumack, MD (Radiology); Andrew Sironak, MD (Pediatrics); Prem Subramanian, MD, PhD (Ophthalmology); Kent Voorhees, MD (Family Medicine)

Considerations for Pursuing Promotion to Full Professor

Anne Libby, PhD, discusses how to get ready for promotion to the rank of Professor. 

Promotion to Professor represents working toward a significantly higher academic standard. For most people, promotion is generally achieved through a multi-year plan. Dr Libby shares several special considerations for planning to achieve this noteworthy promotion.

Course: Researcher Management and Leadership Training

To enhance research and career success, enroll in Researcher Management & Leadership Training, an online course on the global learning platform Coursera. This course is targeted to early career researchers and mentors who believe that modern scientific careers require management skills and want to be research leaders—especially current and future principal investigators. In this course, we explain how to optimize the people, teams, and finances for which you are responsible. Course content includes an action learning plan, and lessons on leadership, finance and administration, management—starting, growing and maintaining teams, and mentorship. Content includes 150 video didactic lessons, personal stories, and Q&A interviews with early career researchers, senior scientists, and administrative leaders from CUAnschutz.

Anyone with a CU email address can enroll for free! The course link shows you how.

As an open online course, you can access any part of the content you seek. Here are the major learning topics: Mentoring, Managing People, Leadership, and Financial Administration.

Managing People
Financial Administration

Lecture Series: Learn with Us: Short Lessons from Department Leaders

A leader is nothing without their team. A leader is defined by their team, and each member of their team has to feel as though their leader is accountable. Every member of the team has to feel as though they are part of something that is bigger than they are, has to feel autonomous, and really embrace accountability.  What I ask every member of my team is to not just be a leader, but to be a force multiplier. That means by being together, the sum of the parts is far greater than just being individuals.

--Chair Dr. Richard Zane on Leadership Excellence

Resources: National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

All CU Denver faculty members have free access to the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity’s (NCFDD) resources through the CFDA.

Have you ever wondered which NCFDD resources best meet your needs?

In April (April 19, 2023, 11:00-12:00, via Zoom), Dr. Ramirez will highlight the NCDD’s resources for EDI-focused mentoring.
Register at: https://cu-tips.corsizio.com/c/63d187491477a730fc5aabea

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