Intent to Submit for Research Projects

All research projects including IRB and Animal Protocol applications, research-related applications including seed funding and proposed contracts/subcontracts involving Department of Emergency Medicine faculty based at Anschutz Medical Campus must go through the intent to submit and full application process (step 2) in order for the information to be signed off by the Chair or designee. All research projects for investigators with primary appointments in the Department of Emergency Medicine, including those projects initiated and conducted outside of the department must also go through this process. This form is to be completed by the faculty applicant.

This process is necessary to allow the Department to plan for research infrastructure resource as well as future clinical needs. Intent to submit proposals for seed grants, grant applications, and contracts should be completed and submitted to the Department at least 8 weeks prior to the initial due date. Animal and IRB protocols that require no departmental resources should be submitted within 2 weeks prior to the initial due date. Department approval is required prior to submitting the full application process (Step 2)​

Please fill out all information that applies to your research project:

Emergency Medicine (SOM)

CU Anschutz

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