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Vaughn Browne, MD, PhD

What we need in medicine is diversity in our physician pool because we serve a diverse population. I think that a lot of black young men get the message that they’re not expected to achieve, they’re not expected to excel. I am here because dozens of people invested their lives and their dreams and hopes in me as a young student. I think the same thing is critical now—we need to be advocates to improve the representation of minority physicians all the way through the pipeline of training and professional career. 

Vaughn Browne, MD, PhD; Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Jacqueline Ward-Gaines, MD


Jacqueline Ward-Gaines, MD, was featured on the cover of Momentum, our annual publication that highlights the impact of philanthropic support at CU Anschutz and the lives of those who serve, and celebrates the partnerships that make our work possible.

"Dr. Ward-Gaines holds an important leadership role on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts in the CU Department of Emergency Medicine, helping to ensure that all students receive an equitable education that eliminates health disparities of their future patients. In addition, She spearheads a DEI curriculum for emergency medicine residents, and works within the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine to bring DEI resources to the forefront of medicine." 

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This national award from the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Academy (SAEM) for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM) goes to the Emergency Medicine (EM) Department that has shown support of women in academic EM through organizational initiatives that address the recruitment, development and advancement of all women as well as promoting gender equality, diversity, opportunity and inclusion. To win this award, the University of Colorado showed evidence for: 
  1. Global approaches for supporting the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in Emergency Medicine,
  2. Family friendly policies for recruitment and retention of women in EM department,
  3. A supportive environment for development and advancement of women in EM,
  4. High percentage of female faculty or recent recruitment of female faculty,
  5. High retention rate of female faculty, and
  6. High percentage of women in leadership (percentage of women in administrative leadership positions as well as the percentage of women gaining promotions).
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