Student Professionalism Awards

Recognizing Exemplary Student Professionalism through Peer and Clinical Awards


The Student Professionalism Committee is dedicated to promoting exemplary student professionalism that goes beyond addressing less than exemplary attitudes and behaviors. Towards that end, the committee sponsors two different student awards. One award covers the pre-clinical years and is a peer award where fellow students nominate other students. The other award covers the clinical years and nominations are made by clinical preceptors including attending and resident physicians. The student professionalism committee evaluates nominations and makes decisions based on established criteria.

Student Professionalism Peer Recognition Award

Students are asked to nominate fellow students who model exemplary professionalism in the pre-clinical setting. Exemplary professionalism is understood to include the following components:

  • Respect – Treating teachers and fellow students respectfully and without bias in all educational, research and clinical care settings.
  • Duty – Being an active, enthusiastic, curious learner who works to enhance a positive learning environment and is committed to life-long learning.
  • Integrity – Recognizing personal limitations and seeking help when it is needed and also displaying honesty, integrity and compassion.

We celebrate the following students who have received the Peer Professionalism Award:

2014–2015: Kevin Quackenbush, Erica Martinez, Meara Melton, Robin Christian
2015–2016: Blake Volkmer, Eric Sasine, Tuan Nguyen, Tae Chang
2016–2017: Jameson Owens, Josten Overall, Megan Kalata, Emily Bressan, Evan Manning
2017–2018: Tim Browne, Michael Levy, Oliver Bawmann, Sean Schooley, Matthew Spear
2018–2019: Scott Stuart, Troy Kincaid, Yaa Asare, Sofiya Diurba, Kyra Rodi
2019–2020: Medha Gudavalli, Andrew Willis, Vikasini Mahalingam, Eddie Soto
2020–2021: Brian Carter, Camila Vargas, Valerie Gao, Monica Patten, Brenda La
2021–2022: Katherine Kelson, Chi Anigbogu, Kayvon Jabbari, Joy Huang, Courtney Wham

Student Clinical Professionalism Award

As part of the clinical assessments, preceptors are given the opportunity to submit extra information recognizing students’ excellence in professionalism. These nominations are compiled across clinical courses and are used to select the clinical professionalism award. Awards are given in time to be included in students’ Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) letter. Exemplary professionalism in the clinical setting is understood to include the following components:

  • Showed noteworthy involvement in or advocacy for patient care (not just good clinical skills)
  • Demonstrated integrity in clinical relationships that built trust
  • Interacted with the team in a way that models excellent teamwork with noteworthy rapport, empathy and advocacy
  • Displayed personal introspection and the ability to integrate feedback to grow as an excellent clinician

We celebrate the following students who have received the Clinical Professionalism Award:

2020–2021: Alyssa Hill, Joshua Abolarin, Kelly Wigglesworth, Sam Maltby, William Mundo
2021–2022: Alexandra Ross, Brenda La, Daniel Youmans, Evan Cornish, Jason Silver, John Hesling, Kristen Vossler, Marlie Fisher, Michal Schafer, Rachael Weesner, Wells Lariviere, Wesley Tran
2022–2023: Austin Almand, Camila Vargas, Courtney Mangham, George Burnet, John Schutz, Laura Meimari, Michael Baliton, Rachael Branscomb, Sheila Pahlavan, Victoria Cates
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