Melissa Haendel, PhD

Professor and Chief Research Informatics Officer 

Marsico Chair in Data Science

Melissa Haendel

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

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While many biological and clinical disciplines create a plethora of data, few do so with their combined use in mind. The Translational and Integrative Science Laboratory (Tislab) has a belief that societal problems can be solved by bringing together people and their data across disciplinary divides. Towards these ends, our laboratory is a diverse group spanning fields such as medicine, cell biology, computer science, bioinformatics, oceanography, comparative genomics, and public health. Tislab develops semantic engineering methods that allow data integration and inference of new knowledge across disciplines and heterogeneous data. We work on many standards and open science initiatives with the idea that such collaborations lead to innovation and help expedite science. Our research is used for rare disease diagnostics, implementation of platforms and tools for translational research, and open and reproducible science to help weave together healthcare, basic research, and patient engagement to make science go faster, better, together.

Haendel Lab personnel information can be found at the Tislab website.