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Graduate Students

Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Students interested in pursuing a PhD in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics have the opportunity to do so via several different Graduate Programs. The diversity of programs that our students are enrolled reflects the broad research interests of our faculty, who participate in the following:

Visit the appropriate link for the program that best matches your interests to learn more about the PhD opportunities within that program. The Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Faculty Profiles list the PhD programs in which each faculty member participates. Admission to one of the programs listed in the faculty member profile enables students to pursue a PhD with that faculty member.

The Department invites all graduate students to present their research during the Friday Research Talks. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the research in the department and establish collaborations with departmental faculty, postdoctoral fellows, professional research assistants and your fellow graduate students!

2021 Graduate Student Awards

Amy Briggs

NIH Diversity Supplement

Amy Briggs (DeGregori Lab)


2021-2022 ARCS Foundation Scholar

Rachel Culp-Hill (D'Alessandro Lab)

Rachel Jones

Bolie Scholar

Rachel Jones (Kieft Lab)


AHA Predoctoral Fellowship

Divya Kolakada (Jagannathan Lab)



Matt Szucs (Kieft Lab)

Kathryn Bartholomay


Kathryn Walters (Mukherjee Lab)

Previous Years’ Graduate Student Awards