Research Quad (850 x 350)

Friday Research Talks

Friday Research Talks are presented in a hybrid format (in-person and Zoom) 3:00-4:00 pm on select Fridays.  Check the events calendar for specific details.

DatePresenting Lab 1Presenting Lab 2
October 7, 2022TaliaferroRamachandran
November 4, 2022BentleyJagannathan
November 18, 2022D'AlessandroCooper
December 2, 2022DeGregoriJohnson
December 16, 2022EisenmesserRissland
January 6, 2023HesselberthPollock
January 20, 2023MukherjeeKieft
February 17, 2023Zhao, R.Eisenmesser
March 3, 2023RamachandranJagannathan
March 17, 2023HansenAsturias
April 7, 2023 HesselberthDeGregori
April 21, 2023VogeliRissland
May 5, 2023ZhengJohnson
May 19, 2023MukherjeeMusselman
June 2, 2023Zhao, R.Kieft


DatePresenting Lab 1Presenting Lab 2
October 1, 2021Ramachandran Kieft
October 15, 2021GreeneDeGregori
October 29, 2021VogeliAsturias
November 12, 2021PollockTaliaferro
December 3, 2021JagannathanD'Alessandro
December 17, 2021HesselberthRissland
January 7, 2022RamachandranDeGregori
January 21, 2022KieftMukherjee
February 11, 2022CooperHesselberth
February 25, 2022DeGregoriMusselman
March 4, 2022D'AlessandroJohnson
March 18, 2022HansenEisenmesser
April 1, 2022ZhaoVogeli
April 15, 2022GreeneHesselberth
April 29, 2022HaendelEisenmesser
May 13, 2022AsturiasHansen
May 27, 2022BentleyHesselberth
June 10, 2022JohnsonMusselman


DatePresenting Lab 1Presenting Lab 2
September 25, 2020HesselberthDeGregori
October 9, 2020VögeliPollock
October 23, 2020DeGregoriJohnson
November 6, 2020AsturiasKieft
November 20, 2020D'AlessandroHesselberth
December 4, 2020TaliaferroMusselman
December 18, 2020KieftCooper
January 8, 2021BentleyMukherjee
January 29, 2021JohnsonRamachandran
February 12, 2021HesselberthRissland
February 26, 2021D'AlessandroHansen
March 5, 2021JagannathanVögeli
March 19, 2021ZhaoKieft
April 2, 2021SikelaHansen
April 16, 2021MusselmanJagannathan
April 30, 2021ZhaoHesselberth
May 14, 2021ZhengKieft
May 28, 2021CooperRamachandran
June 11, 2021ZhaoHansen

Mo​nth​​ ​Date​​​​​ Presenting Lab​
September​ ​20 ​DeGregori
​October ​4 ​Bentley
​18 ​Hesselberth
​November ​1 ​Pollock
​15 ​Zheng
​December 13​ DeGregori
​January ​10 Taliaferro
24 ​Rissland
​March ​6 ​Asturias
​April ​3 ​Zhao
​10 ​Ramachandran
​17 ​Vogeli
​24 ​Mukherjee
​May ​1 ​​Jagannathan
​8 ​Cooper
​15 ​Sikela
​22 Musselman​
​​​Month​​Dat​ePresenting Lab
​Septe​​mber​​7​Vögeli Lab
​Kieft Lab
​​​21​DeGregori Lab
​Asturias Lab
​​October​5​Mukherjee Lab
​Bentley Lab
​19​Johnson Lab
​Hansen Lab
​November​2​Taliaferro Lab
​Kieft Lab
16​​Hesselberth Lab

​Ramachandran Lab
​30​​​Rissland Lab
​Kieft Lab
​December​14​Vögeli Lab
​Pollock Lab
​January​4​DeGregori Lab
​Asturias Lab
​18​Kieft Lab

​Jagannathan Lab
​February​8​Johnson Lab
​Zhao Lab
​22​Hansen Lab
​D'Alessandro Lab
​March​8​Bentley Lab
​Vögeli Lab
​22​Mukherjee Lab
​Kieft Lab
​April​5Davis Lab
​D'Alessandro Lab
​19​Hesselberth Lab

​Ramachandran Lab
​May​3Zheng Lab
Kieft Lab
17​​DeGregori Lab
​Kieft Lab
MonthDatePresenting Lab
September8Hesselberth Lab
DeGregori Lab
 22Kieft Lab
​Davis Lab
October6Bentley Lab
Johnson Lab
 20D'Alessandro Lab
Asturias Lab
November3Johnston Lab
DeGregori Lab

17Kieft Lab

​Liu Lab
December1Eisenmesser Lab
Zhao Lab
​15Hesselberth Lab
​Pollock Lab
January5Kieft Lab

Johnson Lab

19Zhao Lab

Kieft Lab
February9Hansen Lab
​DeGregori Lab
​23​Vögeli Lab
​Kieft Lab
​March​2Vögeli Lab
Zhao Lab

16Pollock Lab

Kieft Lab
April6Johnson Lab
​Johnston Lab
​20​Bentley Lab
Asturias Lab
​May​4DeGregori Lab
Hesselberth Lab
​18Davis Lab
Zheng Lab