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Welcome to Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Julia Promisel Cooper -- 500 x 600

Julia Promisel Cooper, Chair

As biochemists and molecular geneticists, we are in the midst of an unprecedented time of discovery - our conception of the molecular biology of cells is going from the equivalent of grainy black-and-white to high-resolution technicolor. From deciphering the choreography of transcription complexes, chromosomes and RNA molecules within cells to developing novel approaches to 3D molecular structure determination to understanding how viruses hijack a cell’s machinery and alter its metabolome, the researchers in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics (BMG) are at the forefronts of their fields both conceptually and technologically.

Maximal synergy and depth of thinking require an open, vibrant research environment in which people of all backgrounds thrive. We are passionately devoted to enhancing diversity and upholding uncompromised equity and anti-racism. These principles, along with the close proximity of BMG to other outstanding basic and clinical departments as well as several hospitals, vastly enhance our opportunities for collaboration and translation of paradigm-shifting basic discoveries to the clinic and beyond.

Research Areas

Highlighted Recent Publications

Proteolytic activation of human-specific Olduvai domains by the furin protease
Ashley Pacheco, Aaron Issaian, & Sikela & Hansen Labs with Vogeli Lab - January 2023 - Int J Biol Macromol

Structure and Formation of Z-DNA and Z-RNA
Jeffrey Krall, Parker Nichols, Morkos Henen, Quentin Vicens, & Beat Vogeli - January 2023 - Molecules

A single N6-methyladenosine site regulates lncRNA HOTAIR function in breast cancer cells
Allison Porman Swain & Johnson Lab - November 2022 - PLoS Biol

Xrn2 substrate mapping identifies torpedo loading sites and extensive premature termination of RNA pol II transcription
Michael Cortazar & Bentley Lab - November 2022 - Genes & Dev.

The molecular mechanism of sialic acid transport mediated by Sialin
Wenxin Hu & Hongjin Zheng - January 2023 - Science Advances


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News - 2022

Congratulations to all recent facultypostdoc, and graduate student awardees!

Julia Promisel Cooper -- 500 x 600March 2023
Dr. Cooper and her lab are highlighted in the new CUAnschutz “Possibilities Endless” marketing campaign.
Catherine Nicholas -- 60 x 70February 2023
Catherine Nicholas, Hesselberth Lab, received the NIH / NIDDK F31 award for "Characterizing molecular phenotypes of pancreatic islet reactive B cells in T1D through single cell sequencing". Congratulations! 
Conner LangebergFebruary 2023
Conner Langeberg, Kieft Lab, received the Poster Award at the 2023 Fusion Conference on Nucleic Acids. Congratulations! 
Ning ZhaoFebruary 2023
Ning Zhao received an NIH R00 to study protein co-translational folding in living cells. Congratulations!
Travis NemkovJanuary 2023
Travis Nemkov, D'Alessandro Lab, received a pilot grant from Golfers Against Cancer to use omics analysis for personalization of exercise prescription in lymphoma survivors. Congratulations! 
GhoneimJanuary 2023
Mohamed Ghoneim, Musselman Lab, has received an award from the CLC. Congratulations!  
osorioCotazarJanuary 2023
Michael Cortazar, Jagannathan Lab, has received an award from the AHA. Congratulations!  
Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 12.16.52 PMDecember 2022
Quentin Vicens received an NIGMS grant award 1 R21GM148902-01, with Dr. Elena Rivas (Harvard University) as co-PI, title:"An all-in-one for RNA structure prediction using evolutionary information". Congratulations! 
ZabrezhnyyVDecember 2022
Zaberezhnyy, DeGregori Lab, has been awarded the 2022 Steven Fadul Award! Congratulations!
Rui Zhao -- 500 x 600

November 2022
Rui Zhao and Heide Ford received a 2022 AB Nexus Award with Dr. Wang (CU Boulder).

Jay Hesselberth -- 500 x 600November 2022
Jay Hesselberth
 received a 2022 AB Nexus Award with Dr. Kostov (CU Boulder).

James DeGregori -- 500 x 600

Harry Park -- 750 x 700

November 2022
AML research by James DeGregori, Harry Park, and the DeGregori Lab was highlighted in CU Anschutz Today.
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