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Welcome to Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Julia Promisel Cooper -- 500 x 600

Julia Promisel Cooper, Chair

As biochemists and molecular geneticists, we are in the midst of an unprecedented time of discovery - our conception of the molecular biology of cells is going from the equivalent of grainy black-and-white to high-resolution technicolor. From deciphering the choreography of transcription complexes, chromosomes and RNA molecules within cells to developing novel approaches to 3D molecular structure determination to understanding how viruses hijack a cell’s machinery and alter its metabolome, the researchers in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics (BMG) are at the forefronts of their fields both conceptually and technologically.

Maximal synergy and depth of thinking require an open, vibrant research environment in which people of all backgrounds thrive. We are passionately devoted to enhancing diversity and upholding uncompromised equity and anti-racism. These principles, along with the close proximity of BMG to other outstanding basic and clinical departments as well as several hospitals, vastly enhance our opportunities for collaboration and translation of paradigm-shifting basic discoveries to the clinic and beyond.

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News - 2022

Congratulations to all recent facultypostdoc, and graduate student awardees!


Rishi Nageshan

Rahul Thadani

Julia Promisel Cooper -- 500 x 600

August 2022
Rishi Nageshan, Rahul Thadani, and Julie Cooper, Cooper Lab, were highlighted in a recent article with the SEA-PHAGES Summer Program. Congratulations! 
Jay Hesselberth -- 500 x 600July 2022
Jay Hesselberth and his team were awarded a 2022 ASPIRE Program Team Award for their research on Mechanisms of immune protection and pathology by lymph node stromal cells. Congratulations!


Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 12.16.52 PM


June 2022
Morkos Henen, Quentin Vicens, and Beat Vögeli were co-guest editors for a collection of articles aimed to present novel approaches, technologies, targets, and therapeutics in the area of drug discovery. Congratulations!

Elan Eisenmesser -- 500 x 600


June 2022
Elan Eisenmesser and Beat Vogeli were awarded an R21 "The SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid interactions with RNA and host cell cyclophilin-A". Congratulations!
Rui Zhao -- 500 x 600

June 2022
Rui Zhao has been awarded an NIGMS MIRA award! Congratulations!

MorkosHenenJune 2022
Morkos Henen, Vogeli Lab, was awarded an R21 from NIH to fund research on COVID 19. Congratulations! 
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.41.07 PM

June 2022
Elizabeth Spear, Kieft Lab, won a "Best Poster" Award at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the RNA Society. Congratulations!

Suja Jagannathan -- 500 x 600June 2022
Suja Jagannathan was awarded a 2022 Translational Research Scholar Award! Congratulations!
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 3.57.43 PMMay 2022 
Rachel Culp-Hill, D'Alessandro Lab, received the Graduate Student Distinguished Service Award from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Congratulations!
AroraMay 2022
Ankita Arora, Taliaferro Lab, is one of 10 delegates selected for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s Advocacy Training Program! Congratulations!
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 2.39.56 PMMay 2022 
Mark Johnston, Professor Emeritus, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences! Congratulations!
Julia Promisel Cooper -- 500 x 600May 2022

Julie Cooper was awarded a R01 NIGMS grant. Congratulations!

 April 2022
RBI was highlighted in the ‘Transforming Healthcare’ Series. You can watch the presentation here. Congratulations!
Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 11.23.21 AM

March 2022

Allison Porman Swain, Johnson Lab, has been awarded the K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award from the NIH/NIDCR for her project “N6-methyladenosine in Candida white-opaque switching and oral infection”. Congratulations!

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