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Welcome to Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Julia Promisel Cooper -- 500 x 600

Julia Promisel Cooper, Chair

As biochemists and molecular geneticists, we are in the midst of an unprecedented time of discovery - our conception of the molecular biology of cells is going from the equivalent of grainy black-and-white to high-resolution technicolor. From deciphering the choreography of transcription complexes, chromosomes and RNA molecules within cells to developing novel approaches to 3D molecular structure determination to understanding how viruses hijack a cell’s machinery and alter its metabolome, the researchers in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics (BMG) are at the forefronts of their fields both conceptually and technologically.

Maximal synergy and depth of thinking require an open, vibrant research environment in which people of all backgrounds thrive. We are passionately devoted to enhancing diversity and upholding uncompromised equity and anti-racism. These principles, along with the close proximity of BMG to other outstanding basic and clinical departments as well as several hospitals, vastly enhance our opportunities for collaboration and translation of paradigm-shifting basic discoveries to the clinic and beyond.

Research Areas

Highlighted Recent Publications

A viral RNA hijacks host machinery using dynamic conformational changes of a tRNA-like structure

Kieft Lab – November 2021 - Science


Identification and Development of Therapeutics for COVID-19

Greene Lab – November 2021 – mSystems


Pathogenesis, Symptomatology, and Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through Analysis of Viral Genomics and Structure

Greene Lab – October 2021 – mSystems


Cells with cancer-associated mutations overtake our tissues as we age

DeGregori Lab – October 2021 – Aging and Cancer


Reconstruction of Coupled Intra- and Interdomain Protein Motion from Nuclear and Electron Magnetic Resonance

Vögeli Lab – September 2021 – Journal of the American Chemical Society


Shared properties and singularities of exoribonuclease-resistant RNAs in viruses

Kieft Lab – July 2021 – Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal


Recruitment of endoplasmic reticulum-targeted and cytosolic mRNAs into membrane-associated stress granules

Jagannathan Lab – July 2021 – RNA Journal


Chronic interleukin-1 exposure triggers selection for Cebpa-knockout multipotent hematopoietic progenitors

DeGregori Lab – June 2021 – Journal of Experimental Medicine


RNA-binding proteins regulate aldosterone homeostasis in human steroidogenic cells

Mukherjee Lab – June 2021 – RNA Journal


The Inherent Dynamics and Interaction Sites of the SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid N-Terminal Region

Eisenmesser Lab – June 2021 – Journal of Molecular Biology


Modulating Enzyme Function via Dynamic Allostery within Biliverdin Reductase B

Eisenmesser Lab – May 2021 – Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences


Establishing RNA-RNA interactions remodels lncRNA structure and promotes PRC2 activity

Johnson Lab – April 2021 – Science Advances


Cooperative binding between distant transcription factors is a hallmark of active enhancers

Ramachandran Lab – April 2021 – Molecular Cell


Centromeres are dismantled by foundational meiotic proteins Spo11 and Rec8

Cooper Lab – March 2021 - Nature


Alternative RNA structures formed during transcription depend on elongation rate and modify RNA processing

Bentley Lab – February 2021 – Molecular Cell


Recognition of non-CpG repeats in Alu and ribosomal RNAs by the Z-RNA binding domain of ADAR1 induces A-Z junctions

Vögeli Lab - February 2021 - Nature Communications


The disordered Spindly C-terminus interacts with RZZ subunits ROD-1 and ZWL-1 in the kinetochore through the same sites in C. elegans

Vögeli Lab - February 2021 - JMB

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Prospective Postdoctoral Scholars


Outdoor sculpture on CU Anschutz during the fall

Prospective Graduate Students

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


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Congratulations to all recent postdoc and graduate student awardees!

Julia Promisel Cooper -- 500 x 600May 2022

Julie Cooper was awarded a R01 NIGMS grant.

 April 2022
RBI was highlighted in the ‘Transforming Healthcare’ Series. You can watch the presentation here.  
Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 11.23.21 AM

March 2022

Allison Porman Swain, Johnson Lab, has been awarded the K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award from the NIH/NIDCR for her project “N6-methyladenosine in Candida white-opaque switching and oral infection”. Congratulations!

Jillian Ramos

December 2021

Jillian Ramos, Kieft Lab, has been awarded the 2022 RNA Society / Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Award for Research Excellence by an Underrepresented Scientist! Congratulations!

CostantinoD (1)

December 2021

David Costantino, Kieft Lab, was selected as the 2021 Steven Fadul Award winner! Congratulations!

Jeff Kieft -- 60 x 75

Steve Bonilla

November 2021

Jeff Kieft and Steve Bonilla were highlighted in the CU Anschutz Medical Campus News – “CU Anschutz Researchers Examine How a Viral RNA Changes Shape to Hijack Host Cells

Elan Eisenmesser

November 2021

Elan Eisenmesser was awarded an R01 – "The oxidative state of the coenzyme modulates global dynamics and function within an enzyme family" – Congratulations!

Casey Greene

August 2021

Casey Greene was highlighted in the CU Anschutz Medical Campus News – “CU Researcher and Colleagues Offer Standards for Studies Using Machine Learning

Matt Taliaferro -- 60 x 75

July 2021

Matt Taliaferro and Chad Pearson (CDB) were awarded a $1 million research grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation. Congratulations!

Evan Morrison

July 2021

Evan Morrison, Rissland Lab, was awarded the HHMI Gilliam fellowship. Congratulations!

Suja Jagannathan -- 60 x 75

July 2021

Suja Jagannathan was awarded a FSHD Society grant. Congratulations!

James DeGregori -- 60 x 75

July 2021

Eric Pietras (Division of Hematology) and James DeGregori's publications were highlighted in the CU Anschutz Medical Campus News – “Two Studies by CU Cancer Center Researchers Explore Link Between Inflammation and Leukemia

Natalie Davidson

June 2021

Natalie Davidson's, Greene Labpublication - "Analysis of scientific journalism in Nature reveals gender and regional disparities in coverage" - was highlighted in a Nature editorial.

Olivia Rissland -- 60 x 75

June 2021

Olivia Rissland was awarded the NSF CAREER. Congratulations!
Jeff Kieft -- 60 x 75

June 2021

Jeff Kieft was awarded a CCTSI Pilot grant. Congratulations!

Ramachandran 60 x 90

James DeGregori -- 60 x 75

June 2021

Srinivas Ramachandran and James DeGregori were awarded a CU Cancer Center grant. Congratulations!

David Bentley -- 60 x 80

June 2021

David Bentley shared his knowledge of mRNA technology in an interview with 9News – “After what scientists learned from COVID vaccines, a look at the future of mRNA technology

Aaron Johnson -- 60 x 70

Neelanjan Mukherjee -- 60 x 75

Rui Zhao -- 60 x 75

May 2021

The Johnson, Mukherjee and Zhao labs were highlighted in the CU Anschutz Medical Campus News – “Are the COVID-19 Vaccines Good News for Cancer Care?


May 2021

Zoe O’Donoghue, Kieft Lab, has been selected to be one of the prestigious AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellows in DC, starting this fall. Zoe has also been awarded the Graduate School Student Award for Distinguished Service. Congratulations!

Melissa Haendel

Casey Greene

May 2021

Melissa Haendel and Casey Greene were highlighted in the CU Anschutz Medical Campus News – “With a treasure trove of data, CU Anschutz gears up to strike gold

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