PC Research Approval Form 

​Download → PC Resident Research Elective Approval Form_March 2016
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Work with your research month mentor to complete the Research Approval Form. Request must be typed. Mentors should review the completed form and send approval by email to Drs. Joe Frank or Jacinda Nicklas in lieu of signature.

Once this is complete, forward the form to Drs. Joe Frank and/or Jacinda Nicklas with a copy to Akemi Iwanabe for approval.

Signed research forms must be submitted for approval 60 days prior to the first day of your research rotation. If we have not received an approved research proposal 6 weeks prior to your research rotation, a research month is not an option.

Please submit the full title/author/reference/PubMed ID to all accepted abstracts or published manuscripts to Akemi Iwanabe.