Sports Cardiology


William Cornwell, MD
Director of Sports Cardiology


Sports Cardiology is an emerging field in cardiology and focuses on the unique aspects of heart health among individuals who regularly engage in exercise. We work with patients on an individual level, as well as referring providers, athletic trainers and sports organizations to manage all aspects of care surrounding the athletic heart. Our team engages with athletes who participate in all types of sports and at all levels of intensity, from recreational, to collegiate and professional. The sports cardiology program works in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary group of nationally recognized providers, including experts in medical genetics, cardiovascular imaging, electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, congenital cardiology and cardiac and vascular surgery to ensure that athletes receive high-quality care for an medical issues that arise related to their health. 

In addition, athletes - particularly here in Colorado, regularly exercise and/or compete in a variety of climates. Environmental factors heavily influence exercise capacity and may impose additional risk on an individual's overall health and well-being. We work closely with faculty in the section of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine at the University of Colorado to provide care and counseling for individuals who are planning to travel to mountainous and/or remote regions for work or pleasure.

We are heavily invested in advancing medical knowledge surrounding cardiovascular performance during exercise. In addition to providing patient care, our dedicated team of researchers are engaged in research studies focused on cardiovascular and pulmonary performance during exercise among individuals across the spectrum of health, from professional and endurance athletes, to recreational and sedentary individuals, as well as patients with structural heart disease including congenital heart disease and heart failure, as well as heart failure patients who are supported by mechanical pumps (left ventricular assist devices).

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