Product Strategy

Two product strategies to be considered for 3-D PCI Planner™  

Bundled 3-D PCI Planner™ pre-installed on the touchscreen based computer device (iPad)

3-D PCI Planner™ software utility downloaded and installed on the existing computer by user

Target Market

Hospitals for Direct Patient Care

Individual Physician for Case Practice and Training

Medical Device Industry

Hospital Purchases for Direct Patient Care: approximately 1,100  PCI-qualified hospitals in the United States and 5% of the hospital would utilize the 3-D PCI Planner™

Individual Doctor Purchases for Case Practice and Training: there are 80,000 interventional cardiologists in the U.S. if 0.5% of doctors (i.e., 400 doctors) use the 3-D PCI Planner™

Medical Device Company Purchases: special customization requests of 3-D PCI Planner™ service per year from 10 industrial companies

Market Size

PCI Procedures Per Year: 1,000,000 (one million)
Total Cost Per Year: $12 billion
PCI-qualified Hospitals: 1,100
Number of Interventional Cardiologists: 80,00

Current Status

Current stage: Prototype, BDEG fund (11/26/2012) from the State of Colorado

Competitive Advantage

3-D PCI Planner™

  • Works with virtually any existing x-ray imaging system
  • Optimized for tablets with easy to use touch based interface
  • Create 3-D coronary arterial tree
  • Understand patient’s arterial conditions
  • Optimize stent size selection
  • Determine correct stent placement
  • All based on  the validated and CU patented “3-D coronary imaging technologies
  • Use of Only Two X-ray Pictures
  • Limited Radiation Exposure
  • Reduced Contrast Dye Injection
  • Decreased Procedural Time
  • Help Doctors of Limited Training and Clinical Experience

Competing Software Packages

  • Requires or is part of a specific x-ray imaging system
  • Sub-optimal user interfaces, often tied to specific expensive workstations
  • Cannot predict views to minimize vessel overlap
  • Cannot quantify vessel shape change
  • Cannot characterize vessel tortuosity, therefore unable to characterize areas of potentially difficult stent deployment

Regulatory Approval

Outside of US: None

US: FDA - Requires documentation that the technology works

  • Validation studies completed and published
  • No clinical outcomes studies necessary

Funding We Have Received

Whitaker Foundation Biomedical Engineering Grants
American Heart Association: Affiliated AHA Grant
National Institute of Health: NIH-RO1 Grant

Who We Have Worked With

FDA – Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Cordis Johnson & Johnson Company
Guidant Corporation
Abbott  Vascular, Inc.
Medtronic AVE
Boston Scientific Corporation
Cook Medical
W&L Gore & Associates, Inc.
Medical Simulation Corp.
Edwards Life sciences
Philips Healthcare

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