Division Conferences

Cardiology Grand Rounds

When: Fridays (September – May)​ 12-1pm
Host Location: UCD Academic Office 1, Board Room 7000
Teleconference Locations: DHMC-Cardiology Conference Room VAMC-Cardiology Conference Room

Cardiology Grand Rounds strives to provide topical lectures with emphasis on latest techniques and advancements in the practice of Cardiovascular Disease. This is accomplished by presentations from our own Cardiology Faculty and nationally known visiting professors from premier academic medical centers throughout the United States. While the lectures are geared to our own Cardiology Faculty and Fellows in training, we welcome those who have special interests in any topics presented. Residents and nursing staff with career interests in cardiology are encouraged to attend as well as non-cardiology faculty with special interests in a particular topic presented. We enthusiastically extend an open invitation to our community cardiology physicians to attend any or all of our lectures.

September 16, 2022 Marc Bonaca, MD Thrombin is the Problem but so is Bleeding...Superior Safety with Targeted Anticoagulation
September 30, 2022 Josephine Chou, MD, MSCardio-Obstetrics: An Important Emerging Field
October 14, 2022 Katherine Standefer The Cost of Saving a Life: Weighing the Promise of Medical Technology
October 21, 2022 Jordan Hoffman, MPH, MD Expanding the Heart Donor Pool: A Case for Controlled Donation after Circulatory Death
October 28, 2022Kelsey Flint, MD, MSCS, FACCPhysical Rehabilitation for Frail Older Adults Hospitalized for Heart Failure
November 3, 2022Michael Blaha, MD, MPHCoronary Artery Calcium: Finally Endorsed in Major Guidelines, A 2022 Update
November 11, 2022Raymundo Quintana, MD Cardiac MRI: A Primer for Cardiologists
November 18, 2022Megan Morris, PhD, MPH, CCC-SLPIdentifying and Addressing Ableism in Medicine

January 13, 2023

David Raymer, MD

Updates in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

January 20, 2023Kamal Henderson, MDAchieving Cardiovascular Health Equity Through Systems of Health Optimization
January 27, 2023Paul Hess, MD, MHSAdvancing Cardiovascular Quality of Care, Then and Now
February 3, 2023Roxana Mehran, MDGlobal Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in Women: Report from the Lancet Commission
February 10, 2023Anitha John, MD, PhD

Taking the Road Less Traveled: Building a Career in Adult Congenital Cardiology

March 10, 2023Bruce Wilkoff, MDUpdate on Lead Management in 2023
April 7, 2023Sean Iwamoto, MDCardiovascular disease and lifesaving gender-affirming hormone therapy: Balancing risks and benefits
April 28, 2023David Badesch, MDDiagnosis and Management of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Past, Present, and Future
May 12, 2023Bill Cornwell, MDAstronauts, Autonomics and Long Covid
May 19, 2023Emily Lau, MDWhat Sex Differences Can Teach Us About HFpEF

Cardiology Research Conference

When: Mondays (September – May) 12–1pm
Host Location: UCD Academic Office 1, Board Room 7000
Teleconference Locations: DHMC-Cardiology Conference Room VAMC-Cardiology Conference Room

Cardiology Research Conference offers a forum where ongoing investigational research can be presented to provide the faculty and fellows-in-training with a better understanding of the research within our division and opportunities for new research and collaborative research efforts between our sites of practice. Bench research work presented especially provides the fellows in training with an excellent overview of opportunities for in depth work that can inspire new research career pathways. Presentations mainly focus on our own key research areas but other researchers with projects relative to cardiology also serve as invited speakers. Our own fellows in training with dedicated time in research present their ongoing work for review and suggestions by faculty for continuation and progress of their work.

September 19, 2022 Jonathan Kirk, PhD (Loyola) Cardiac Sarcomere Protein Quality Control and BAG3: Repairing the Engine without Stopping the Car
September 26, 2022 Luisa Mestroni, MD, Matthew Taylor, MD, and Lohit Garg, MBBS Integrated Research Talk: Genetics of cardiomyopathy and rare diseases
October 10, 2022 Kika Sucharov, PhD, and Ryan Aleong, MD Integrated Research Talk: Biomarkers to predict response to therapy and/or diagnose disease subtypes
October 24, 2022 Natasha Altman, MD, and Ronald Vagnozzi, PhD Integrated Research Talk: Myocarditis, cardiac inflammation – diagnosis and treatment
November 14, 2022Chris Gignoux, PhDThe CCPM Biobank: What a Genomic Healthcare Resource Can Do for Personalized Medicine and Beyond
November 28, 2022Anastacia (Tasha) Garcia, PhD/Amber Khanna, MDLipid and Metabolic Remodeling in Complex Congenital Heart Disease/Emerging Diagnostic Strategies in Infective Endocarditis
December 22, 2022Richard Johnson, MDThe Fat Connection: Fructose Causes Leptin Resistance; Fat Drives Weight Gain
January 9, 2023Brisa Peña, PhD/Kunhua Song, PhDUnderstanding Mechanical Stresses in Women and Men: in vitro Modeling of Cardiac Fibroblast Biomechanics/Cell signaling in cardiogenesis and heart malformation
January 23, 2023Chris Knoepke, PhD, MSW, LCSW/Kelsey Flint, MD, MSCS, FACCThe Psychosocial Evaluation for Advanced Heart Failure Therapies: Equity & Justice Implications/Cardiac Rehabilitation Participation in Heart Failure Over Time: An Analysis of the Colorado All Payer Claims Database
March 20, 2023Emma Robinson, PhD/Joseph Adewumi, MDHDAC11 Regulates Adipocyte Lipolysis Through Demyristoylation of Hormone Sensitive Lipase/Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Index
May 8, 2023Monica Parks, MD and Santo Ricceri, MDFellow Research Talks
May 15, 2023Eric Rudofker, MD & Maeve Riordan, MDFellow Presentations


The S. Blount Cardiology Lectureship

The Blount Lectureship was established in 1982 under the direction of Dr. Lawrence Horwitz in honor Dr. S. Gilbert Blount, Jr. for his outstanding contributions to education, clinical excellence, and development of the Division of Cardiology. The UCDSOM Division of Cardiology was founded by Dr. Blount where he served as Division Head until his retirement. This lectureship continues on today to provide a forum for nationally acclaimed visiting physicians to provide a valued educational experience with lectures and small group meetings to exchange ideas with our own faculty and fellows in training in cardiovascular disease.​