Pediatric Cardiovascular Research Labs

The mission of this multidisciplinary research group is to perform translational and molecular research focused on children with heart disease.  Expertise within the laboratory spans the cardiovascular field from pediatric to adult disease and from basic molecular biology to cardiovascular physiology and clinical translation.  Our research utilizes a pediatric and adult heart tissue and blood bank as well as animal models.  Our current projects include study of: (1) the beta-adrenergic system and downstream signaling pathways; (2) regulation of phosphodiesterase expression and activity; (3) tissue and circulating microRNA profiling; (4) role of serum circulating factors in pathologic remodeling; and (5) mitochondrial regulation. Currently, treatment of pediatric heart failure is largely extrapolated from the results of trials performed in adults with heart failure.  Our results demonstrate that children with heart failure have a unique molecular adaptive response that warrants specific targeted therapy.

Peds Cardiology_08.11.2021

Cardiology (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion 1

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