Kelley Brodsky

Kelley S. Brodsky, MS, MBA
Administrator, Division of Cardiology

Kyle schtul picture

Kyle Schtul, MS

Research Services Clinical Science

New Trial Start Up


David Butler

David Butler, BS
Finance and Accounting Principal Professional

Tonya Lacy

Tonya Lacy, BA
Business Services Professional
Interventional Cardiology

and Cardiac Electrophysiology

Caitlin Padasak

Caitlin Padasak, BS
Business Services Senior Professional

Advanced Heart Failure/Transplantation

and General Cardiology

Bobby Pinter

Bobby Pinter, BA
Human Resources Senior Professional


Alexandra (Alex) Sassano, BS
Research Services Professional

Pre & Post Award Grant Management

Laura Walker

Laura Walker, MA

Academic Services Fellowship Program Manager

Kiana Perry2

Kiana Perry, BA

Academic Services Fellowship Coordinator

Ashleigh Downs

Ashleigh Downs, BS, CCRC
Clinical Trials Program Manager