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ACHD Program 

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Tracey Crooks

Medical College of Wisconsin (F)
University of Illinois (R)

I am originally from Centennial, Colorado but just finished out 11 years in the Midwest for my medical training! I completed medical school at Loyola Chicago and residency in Med-Peds in Peoria, IL.  Most recently I  was in Milwaukee for Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship.   My future plans include practicing a mix of Pediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiology.   ​When it comes to my co-fellows, I most appreciate their sense of humor and friendship when things get tough. ​If I'm not in the hospital, you may find me playing volleyball, exploring a new brewery, or spending time with my husband, our 10 month old daughter, and our dog, Ollie. ​

Shannon Murray

Univ. of Colorado (F)
Medical College of Wisc (R)



Cardiovascular Disease Program

First Year Fellows Class of 2027

                  becera ashby bio


Erika Becerra-Ashby, 
University of Colorado

I was raised in the small town of Arcola, Illinois. I attended University of Illinois for medical school and did my Internal medicine-Pediatric residency here at the University of Colorado. I am excited to be able to stay as a cardiology fellow!  I am currently interested in Adult Congenital Cardiology and General Cardiology. I can already feel the support from my co-fellows and I am excited to work/get to know them more!  When I am not in the hospital you can find me with my son and husband hiking, at a park, exploring a new restaurant or trying to find time to read a new book or binge a new show.

                   jean-marie bio


Elizabeth Jean-Marie, 
Case Western Reserve



I was born and raised in Miami, FL but have lived all over the country including Rhode Island, Ohio, and Minnesota. I completed my residency training at Case Western Reserve University and stayed on as a Chief at the VA for one year. My career interests are in preventive cardiology, with a research focus on lipids and social determinants of health. When I am not in the hospital, you can find me reading at home or at a local bookstore. My goal is to read 25 books this year!

                  lehenbauer bio


Katy Lehenbauer, 
University of Minnesota


I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri and completed residency training at the University of Minnesota. My career goals right now are in general or preventive cardiology. I am excited to have a strong support system from my co-fellow classmates over these next few years, both in and out of work. When I'm not at the hospital, I enjoy spending time outside with my dog Rocky and exploring all of beautiful Colorado through hiking, climbing, and skiing.

             roy bio


Alexandria Roy, 
Mayo Clinic

I am originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado and completed residency training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. ​I am interested in heart failure, with a special interest in equity, barriers to implementation of therapies, and outcomes​. As an incoming fellow, I have not yet met my co-fellows in person, but everyone has already been so welcoming and helpful! ​Exploring the mountains, checking out a fun restaurant, or curled up with a book and my cat!

                     thielen bio


Samantha Thielen, 
University of Colorado


Hi everyone! I’m Sam, originally from North Carolina and have loved spending the past few years in Colorado! I attended medical school at UNC Chapel Hill, residency at the University of Colorado, and was lucky enough to stay in as a cardiology fellow! I’m interested in general cardiology or advanced heart failure with a focus on medical education. I appreciate that my co-fellows have a team mentality. We are open to swapping schedules and covering to help make life work. If I’m not at the hospital you can find me with my daughter and husband at a swimming pool, park, or the Denver Zoo!​

               walker bio



Adrienne Walker, 
Baylor College of Medicine


I am originally from Dallas, TX and did my residency training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. My current career goals include a future incorporating my passion in aiding underserved communities with either Electrophysiology or Interventional Cardiology. I love that my co-fellows are diverse and provide different perspectives that propel me to grow. When I am not in the hospital, you can find me singing along to any genre of live music performance or enjoying a theme park!​

                  zirille bio


Francis Zirille, 
University of Colorado


I’m originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I attended Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) for undergrad, med school and my MBA. I came out to the University of Colorado for residency and couldn’t be more excited to stay for fellowship now, particularly to work with such a supportive group of co-fellows. I’m interested in cardiac electrophysiology in addition to healthcare leadership. When I’m not in the hospital, you can probably find me snowboarding, cycling, playing golf, watching football or hiking with my wife, daughter, and adopted husky-mix, Griffy.​


Second Year Fellows Class of 2026 


               ainab bio


Ibrahim Ainab


I was born in Somalia and raised in San Diego. I went to college and completed my internal medicine residency at UCLA (Go Bruins!)​. I hope to be the best possible cardiologist I can be! I am interested in a career in Electrophysiology. ​ What I love about my co-fellows is the down-to-earth, genuine personalities and the kindness we show to each other at all times. Fellowship can be tough but having great people around you makes it that much better.​ ​When I am not in the hospital, I am more than likely out to dinner with my wife or off on my next travel journey.

                  asmuth bio


Mallette Asmuth

Univ of Washington

I grew up in Bethesda, MD, but have lived in many cities since then. Most recently I was in Seattle where I did residency at the University of Washington. My career aspirations are to become a clinician-health systems engineer developing combined human and computing solutions to improve care coordination and patient adherence to medical therapy. I love that my co-fellows always put in extra effort to take great care of patients and also each other. When I'm not in the hospital, you can find me in the mountains hiking, skiing, or camping. 

      healy bio


Christina Healy

Univ of Wisconsin

I'm originally from Farmington Hills, Michigan and completed residency at University of Wisconsin before moving to Colorado to start fellowship. I plan to stay here to complete fellowship in electrophysiology. ​
I love my co-fellows for their unwavering support and camaraderie, both on and off the wards. They’re always there for me, whether it’s providing last-minute emergency coverage, being by my side managing tricky clinical scenarios, or just unwinding over drinks or laughing through game nights!​
When I’m not in the hospital, you can catch me on the ski slopes in the winter or paddling around the lakes and reservoirs in the summer.

                    michaud bio


Erinleigh Michaud

Univ of Michigan

I was born and raised in Helena, Montana and completed my medicine residency at the University of Michigan. I plan to pursue a career in electrophysiology, and I am also interested in cardio obstetrics and medical education. My co-fellows are amazing, smart and kind! We are all supportive of one another and love to spend time together both in and out of the hospital. When I am not at work, you can find me exploring new restaurants, going outside to parks or to the mountains, or enjoying the craziness of my family including 2 dogs, 2 cats, my 2 year old son and amazing husband. 
      patel bio


Payal Patel

Washington Univ

I am originally from Tallahassee, FL and completed residency at Washington University in St. Louis. My career interests are in Advanced Heart Failure and General Cardiology. I feel fortunate to work alongside genuine, supportive & hardworking co-fellows who make days at work enjoyable and fun! When I am not in the hospital, I am trying new recipes, playing board games and relaxing in beautiful Colorado nature with my husband.

porter bio


Kadijah Porter

Univ of Miami

I am originally from Nashville, TN. I did my residency at University of Miami and after stayed on for a chief resident year at the Miami VA. I am excited about pursuing a career in interventional cardiology. My co-fellows have taken me in and become family. I feel so fortunate to be apart of this extremely diverse group of individuals who don’t mind my 2am calls for problem solving. When I’m not at work I’m planning my next international get away.

                  saxon pic


Cara Saxon

Univ of Colorado

I grew up in Gig Harbor, WA and did medical school at the University of Washington in Seattle before moving to the University of Colorado for residency. I enjoy academic cardiology, medical education, and plan to focus my career on improving cardiovascular care for women and fostering professional community for female providers in cardiology. My co-fellows are kind, brilliant, and a huge source of joy for me both in and outside the hospital. In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, and trying many of the ice cream shops in Denver with my son, Carson, and husband, Michael. 


Third Year Fellows Class of 2025

el rafei bio


Abdelghani El Rafei

Univ of Minnesota


Originally from Damascus, Syria, I completed my internal medicine residency at the University of Minnesota and a global health fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess, which included six months in Botswana. I am pursuing an academic career in Heart Failure. My classmates have become my second family away from home (1st are in the picture), and I am grateful to have met each of my co-fellows. Outside of work, I am reading poetry, attending concerts, and planning a ski trip. 


Jerry Lipinski



I am originally from Laguna Niguel, CA. I completed my Internal Medicine training at the University of California, San Diego. My goal is to have a career in Interventional Cardiology. What I love most about my co-fellows is the genuine camaraderie that has been fostered by this program and their willingness to help each other out. Similarly, they are also wonderful people outside of the hospital to hang out with (even if we did walk a mile through the woods and hitchhike down from the top of a 14'er our first weekend of fellowship). When outside of the hospital, I enjoy hiking with my fiancé, Lindsay, grilling and BBQ'ing on my Weber kettle, and exploring the Colorado beverage scene.

         slaven bio

Sarah Slaven

Univ of Colorado


I'm originally from Australia. Attended medical school at Case Western and residency at CU. I'm planning to practice General Cardiology in a private practice or academic setting . My co-fellows are fun, funny and supportive. We function as a team. They are always willing to step and cover when needed. They provide an amazing sounding board for questions and advice - both clinically and personally related. ​When I'm not in the hospital, you'll find me outside- traveling, in the mountains, on a golf course or pickleball court. 

     thai bio

Theresa Thai

Univ of Washington


I'm from Phoenix, AZ originally and did residency training in Seattle, WA at the University of Washington. ​My career goal is academic interventional cardiology. ​What I love about my co-fellows is their collegially and eagerness to help to ensure the best patient care while also helping one another maintain a good work-life balance. ​When I'm not in the hospital, you'll find me in the mountains camping/hiking/exploring with my husband and golden retriever puppy, Bruce.


Third Year CD-CCEP Hybrid Fellow

                   padalia bio

Kishan Padalia

Univ of Michigan

I'm originally from Sarasota, FL and completed my medicine residency at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I hope to become a cardiac electrophysiologist. One of the things I love most about our fellowship is that we're a tight-knit group both inside and outside of work. When I'm not in the hospital, you can find me in the mountains, at a brewery, or relaxing at home. 

Electrophysiology Program 

                    ashur bio

Carmel Ashur

Univ of Colorado (F)

Univ of Michigan (R)

I am originally from the Los Angeles area and did my medicine training at the University of Michigan. I am in the accelerated electrophysiology fellowship program and about to start my second (and last!) year of training. I love that my co-fellows are the type of down to earth people that I enjoy sitting down and having a beer with, while also being an extremely smart and thoughtful bunch that I would trust with the care of any of my family members. When I’m not at the hospital you can probably find me hiking in the mountains with a 3-year-old strapped on my back, a baby sleeping on my wife and our big white Great Pyrenees leading the way.

                adewumi bio

Joseph Adewumi

Univ of Colorado (F)

Cleveland Clinic (R)

I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona and then came to Colorado for medical school. I did residency at the Cleveland Clinic before heading back to Colorado for general cardiology and EP fellowship. Here at the University of Colorado, I have truly enjoyed the camaraderie and support of my talented co-fellows. Working with colleagues that are kind and thoughtful and ego-less while collectively working towards the common goal of helping our patients get better was important when I was looking at which program to select. When not in the hospital, you can find me and my wife spending time with our two beautiful daughters as we love doing something outside whether it’s hiking or just playing at a park. 

          grubb bio

Alex Grubb, 

University of Colorado (F),

Duke University (R)

I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I obtained my undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University and went to medical school at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. I did residency at Duke University Hospital before coming out to Colorado for general fellowship and am staying here for Electrophysiology fellowship. I hope to develop a career of clinical excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of complex arrhythmias. Additionally, I have a strong interest in clinical research and medical education. I love the 'team' feel amongst our co-fellows and how any of them are willing to help weigh in on a complex clinical problem or hang out outside of work. When I am not in the hospital you can find me playing guitar, smoking a brisket, watching the Cleveland Browns, going to a concert at Red Rocks, or hiking in the mountains.

Interventional Program 


Maeve Riordan

University of Colorado

                     boulos bio

Peter Boulos

University of Colorado (F) ,

University of Rochester (R)

I am originally from all over the place! I was born in Dallas and then spent most of my childhood growing up in NYC before moving to Florida where I finished high school and went on to undergrad at the University of Florida (go gators). After that, I came to Colorado for medical school. I did internal medicine – pediatrics residency at the University of Rochester and then was lucky enough to come back to CU for cardiology fellowship, and now interventional cardiology + structural interventional training, which is what I hope to do long term as my career. I know that I have created lifelong bonds with my co-fellows and the faculty that have trained me here at CU. It feels like one big family within the department of cardiology, which I love. When I am not in the hospital you can find me chasing around an increasingly mobile infant who is quickly becoming a toddler, hiking/camping deep in the mountains, golfing, snowboarding, or at any live music event I can find!


Research Program

               polsinelli bio

Vincenzo Polsinelli

University of Colorado (F)


I am originally from Albany, NY and completed medical school at the University at Buffalo, and went on to University of Pittsburgh for Internal Medicine training. ​My career goal is to be a physician-scientist  and general cardiologist. ​The camaraderie and collegiality among my co-fellows have been one of the highlights of my training, and they have become some of my closest friends. ​Outside the hospital, I cherish spending time outdoors with my wife, Brenna, and our beloved Golden Retriever, Alle.  


Vascular Medicine Program

       naveh bio

Sivan Naveh

Tel Aviv Medical Center 

Originally from Israel, I completed my medical school training at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and internal medicine training at Tel Aviv Medical Center. I am interested in peripheral vascular disease, cardiovascular prevention, and nonatherosclerotic vascular diseases, and aim to contribute to research in these areas. I greatly value working together with my colleagues and find the team here highly professional and caring. When not in the hospital, you can find me spending time with my three kids and family, hiking, camping, practicing yoga, or going for a run.


Cardiology (SOM)

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