Kopecky Lab

Benjamin Kopecky, MD, PhD

PI- Assistant Professor, Medicine-Cardiology

Hao Dun, MD

Sr. Research Instructor, Medicine-Cardiology


The Kopecky lab focuses on the immune-stromal interactions in heart transplant rejection. Informed by patient samples, we utilize state of the art technologies including RNA sequencing and genetic lineage tracing in murine models to ask how immune and stromal cells (or cellular signaling) can be targeted to prevent heart transplant rejection. As such, we employ a bidirectional approach where our scientific questions arise from clinical knowledge gaps, using novel techniques in our lab we fill these gaps to develop novel therapies for our patients.

We are a growing lab and welcome enthusiastic team members at all levels!

Please reach out to Benjamin.kopecky@cuanschutz.edu to learn more.

Heart transplant rejection is prevalent and current therapies non-specifically target recipient T-cells, making the patient susceptible to infections and cancers. Our lab has recently shown that rather than targeting the RECIPIENT T-Cell, we can effectively target the DONOR MACROPHAGE, proving that we can effectively impact transplant rejection well before our current therapies. Our lab currently is focused on how innate immune cells (such as macrophages) impact both acute and chronic rejection.

A) Acute Rejection: Occurs primarily within the first year after transplant and is T-cell mediated. We have shown that deleting CCR2+ macrophages (pro-inflammatory subset) in the DONOR heart (prior to transplant) improves post-transplant outcomes. Contrarily, deleting CCR2- macrophages (anti-inflammatory subset) in the DONOR heart (prior to transplant) worsens post-transplant survival. Hence, DONOR macrophages represent one of the earliest cells than can be modulated PRIOR to transplant, mitigating side effects of pharmacologic interventions in the recipient. Ongoing studies are investigation how these DONOR macrophages function to effect downstream signaling and transplant rejection.

B) Chronic Rejection: Is nearly ubiquitous and is the primary cause of allograft failure after transplant. Its major form is Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy (CAV).  CAV results when neo-intimal proliferation blocks the coronary artery lumen resulting in allograft failure. Its pathobiology is incompletely understood but we are discovering a strong interplay between immune and stromal cells. Ongoing investigations in our lab using spatial transcriptomics and RNA sequencing of human disease coupled with a novel murine model of heart transplantation aim to uncover where these cells are coming from, what is homing them, and how these signaling pathways can be interrupted. 

Lab Members: 
a. Benjamin Kopecky MD PhD (PI- Assistant Professor)
b. Hao Dun (Sr. Research Instructor)

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