Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) Program and Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD)



Andreas Brieke

Andreas Brieke, MD

Medical Director, Mechanical Circulatory Support Program


Joseph Cleveland

Joseph Cleveland, MD

Surgical Director


The Left Ventricular Assist Device Program (LVAD) was founded in 2000 with the first implant of a Thoratec Heart Mate XVE®. Since then, the now called Mechanical Circulatory Support Programs (MCS) has participated in all major LVAD trials over the last 20 years and we are currently implanting the Abbott HeartMate 3® in our advanced heart failure population as a bridge to transplantation or permanent (former destination) therapy.

The MCS program is the only program in the state of Colorado. We are serving the patient populations in the surrounding states as far as Montana and southern New Mexico. We have developed "Shared Care" sites to help our patients establish local care. Over the years the program has grown and is currently supported by 8 Heart Failure/MCS/Transplantation trained cardiologists, 3 Cardiothoracic surgeons, and 4 dedicated nurse coordinators as well as in- and outpatient nurse practitioners. The patient population is supported by dedicated Social worker, anti-coagulation team, and nutritionists.

The MCS program also supports patients with the need for temporary MCS. We are utilizing all commercially available percutaneous devices including IABP, right and left sided Impella®, and right-sided devices such as Protek® and Spectrum®. In addition, the medical team works closely with the surgical team caring for patients who need support with extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in the setting of cardiogenic shock.




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