Advanced Cardiac Imaging Program



Robert Quaife, MD

Director, Advanced Cardiac Imaging

The University of Colorado offers a full complement of cardiac imaging modalities. These include a high volume echocardiography lab, structural intervention guidance, cardiac MRI, cardiac CT, and nuclear. With a recent $5 Million gift, we have established the Cardiac Imaging Programatic Fund which will provide valuable resources for leaders to advance cardiac imaging techniques and improved educational opportunities for students. 

Advanced Cardiac Imaging consists of the use of specialized cross-sectional imaging modalities such as cardiac MRI, cardiac CT, and cardiovascular nuclear imaging to diagnose and treat heart muscle and vascular diseases.

Faculty all have significant and additional specialty training in advanced clinical cardiac imaging. This training includes evaluation of congenital heart disease; coronary ischemia and infarction imaging; genetic and infiltrative cardiac muscle disease; valvular heart disease; aortic congenital and developmental disease and sources of cardiac arrhythmias. The faculty understand and are competent in defining appropriate modalities and necessary acquisition protocols for evaluation of cardiac physiology, pathology and pathophysiology. The data obtained through these studies are critical for planning and tactical completion of many tasks in cardiovascular disease and in structural heart disease interventions.


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Meet our Team






Jamaluddin Moloo, MD, MPH

Director Cardiac CT

Visiting Clinical Professor, Medicine-Cardiology






Nicole Prabhu, MD

Assistant Professor, Medicine-Cardiology






Raymundo Quintana, MD

Assistant Professor, Medicine-Cardiology



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