Education Conferences

Simulation Education 

Periodically, at least quarterly throughout training

UCH Facilities

We have integrated an innovative, ongoing simulation education curriculum into our general fellowship program. This curriculum begins on the first day of fellowship, with a simulation "boot-camp" during orientation to introduce fellows to the basics of procedural skills in cardiology. Additionally, first year fellows participate in a weekly device "boot-camp" to practice working with pacemaker and ICD programmers at the start of their fellowship. Thereafter, periodic simulation days, at least once per quarter, give fellows the opportunity to revisit simulation activities to assess and build upon their skills, to enhance procedural proficiency through simulation-based mastery learning.


Cath Conference

When: Mondays, 7-8:30am


Presentations focus on recent case studies involving specifically procedures performed in the Cath Lab including but not limited to angioplasties. Once a month fellows on CCU service at DHMC, VAMC, & UCH present blinded case studies from patients on their service who have undergone studies that are interesting for presentation and review discussion.


Echo Imaging Conference

2nd & 4th Tuesdays September-May 12-1 PM

AIP2 3.2326

Teleconference Location: DHMC-Cardiology Conference Room & VAMC-Cardiology Conference Room

This conference is designed to provide a curriculum that focuses in depth understanding of case studies interpretation to better prepare fellows for board examination in the areas of echocardiography and cardiac imaging. At the end of each conference year, the fellows take a mock Echo & Imaging Boards examination to help them assess their growth and skills over their fellowship training. In addition, all first year fellows receive "Hands on Echo Training" under the direction of Dr. Ernesto Salcedo, who provides training on the basic operation and techniques of the equipment as well as recognition of the basic views.


ECG Conference

Wednesdays (September-May) 5-6 PM

AIP2 3.2326

Teleconference Locations: DHMC-Cardiology Conference Room & VAMC-Cardiology Conference Room

This format offers review of arrhythmias for fellows to advance their ability in ECG interpretation. Additionally review of pacemakers and EP studies information relative to fellows in cardiovascular disease is presented. Beyond this lecture series, fellows with career pathway interests in Electrophysiology ar invited to attend the 7am daily presentations at UCH conference room. Mock ECG Boards are held annually for fellows to track their ongoing improvement in electrophysiology.


Morbidity & Mortality Conference

4th Tuesday 7a-8a (Monthly)
Host Location: AIP2 CVC 3.2326

Teleconference Locations: DHMC-Cardiology Conference Room VAMC-Cardiology Conference Room​

The goal of M&M conference is to provide a safe venue to identify areas for improvement in patient care, while promoting professionalism, integrity and transparency. Cardiology fellows will gain experience analyzing adverse events, engaging relevant stakeholders and presenting a systems-based M&M conference to an engaged, multi-disciplinary audience.  Fellows are supported by multiple faculty members and staff (nurses, quality specialists, risk managers, etc.) who participate in the Cardiology Morbidity and Mortality Committee (CMMC). Together, we hope to promote a culture of continuous improvement in the division.

CCU Curriculum

Daily 8-8:30 am

Host Location: UCHealth AIP2 3.608 


The CCU Curriculum is an interactive, didactic curriculum during the UCH CCU Rotation that runs daily from 8-8:30 am, covering a core of essential topics over the course of each month. Lecturers in this series include the CCU attendings and experts from cardiology subspecialties. While this curriculum is geared towards the learning needs of our CCU residents, our fellows assigned to the CCU rotation benefit from these reviews and the opportunity to learn from experts. To enhance professional development, the CCU fellow is tasked with leading one of the teaching sessions to work on skills as a clinician-educator.

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