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Colleague Recognition Program

The internal KUDOS program is just a simple way to acknowledge awesome colleagues with notes of appreciation, praises, shout-outs, etc., for all the extraordinary things they do. KUDOS shout-outs will be posted online and shared via the weekly Buzz enewsletter (internal only) each week. 

If you currently work with ACCORDS, you can submit a KUDOS Shout-Out HERE.

April 2022

Ty Ogemahgeshig

"Ty was instrumental and a life-saver in getting our CYSHCNet HRSA renewal grant processed, through OGC, and submitted on time. He was incredibly responsive to the many late-stage challenges we faced in getting things complete, including weekend and nighttime work, and a last-day switch of Federal accounting systems that resulted in tweaking 7 institutional budgets!  THANK YOU TY!!!" - Christopher Stille, MD, MPH

Madonna Shafer
"As one of the most positive and happy people I have ever met, Madonna works SO hard at ACCORDS to ensure we have a great new space, that folks feel welcome, and we all stay organized. She is such a breath of sunshine and ACCORDS is definitely lucky to have her! Thanks Madonna for all you do!" 
- Katie Klossner, MPA, CNP

Charlene Shelton, RN, PhD, MPA
"Charlene has done SUPERHUMAN work in getting the CYSHCNet HRSA renewal grant done, together and out the door. She worked many late nights and was unflappable with the many unpredictable challenges pulling together the grant faced. 80 pages, 6 subcontracts, and done! THANK YOU Charlene!" 
Christopher Stille, MD, MPH

November 2021

HTP Study Team
"To the HTP study team (Estefania, Sandra, Carol, Andrea, Silvia, Monica) – We just passed the 1-year mark enrolling families into the HTP study. I am incredibly grateful for the work of each of you and so impressed with your teamwork. Your attention to detail, sensitivity to participant needs, and flexibility are central to this study’s success. As a team, you model the respect, clear communication, and collaboration of a high-performing team. Thank you all for your continued commitment to the project."   - Darcy Thompson, MD, MPH

Christine Babbell, MSPH
"I would like to send Kudos to Christine for taking the time to walk me through the COMIRB reliance process. Thank you for explaining each step and answering the many questions I had. As a new project manager, I am still learning the administration side of research, and its nice to have someone like Christine to teach me :-) "  - Amanda Skenadore, MPH, CHES

October 2021

JD Ainsworth, MBA
"Thank you JD for all you have done for ACCORDS and all of us individually. You will be SO missed!"  - Allison Kempe, MD, MPH

MI4MI Study Team 
"We want to give huge kudos to the MI4MI project team. Mary, Christine, Catieand Fionahave really gone the extra mile to keep this project moving forward. This team has maintained optimism in the face of some big challenges, thinks creatively when facing continued contextual challenges with clinical partner engagement, and forges ahead together. Despite all these challenges, the team comes to the table every day with humor, creativity, and is making this project a success one day at a time. Thank you all for your hard work!"  - Sarah Brewer , PhD, MPA, Jess Cataldi, MD, MSCS, & Sean O'Leary, MD, MPH

July 2021

Patrick Hosokawa, MS
"Huge shout out to Patrick - he is always willing to help, constantly goes above and beyond working and re-working analyses for our project, manuscripts, presentations, etc. He's very easy to work with, communicates well, has invaluable insights, and puts up with our sometimes hectic turn around times :) THANK YOU!!"   - Dennis Gurfinkel, MPH

April 2021

Michaela Brtnikova, PhD, MPH, & Julia Reedy, MA
"Thank you to Misha Brtnikova, Anowara Begum, and Julia Reedy for your work in helping to get us started with our NHLBI DECIPHER grant. Your dedication, energy and support has helped us get off to an excellent start. It could not have happened without all three of you partnering with us. The Colorado DECIPHeR team thanks you and we look forward to continuing work with you over the years.   -Stan Szefler, MD

March 2021

Allison Kempe, MD, MPH
"I would like to thank Ally Kempe for her leadership during the past year. She has been communicative, honest and encouraging throughout this crazy time. Ally has rolled with the changes and has struck a great balance of positivity and acknowledgement of our common struggles. Thank you, Dr. Kempe! I am grateful."   -Anonymous

January 2021

Amy Nickerson, BS
"Amy deserves to be recognized for her outstanding effort and hard work that went into becoming a Certified Research Administrator (CRA). She is one of only 11 on campus and this designation is highly regarded in the research world. Nice work Amy and thanks of all you do for ACCORDS research administration!"    -Anonymous

December 2020

Laura Scherer, PhD
"I wanted to share with you all that our very own DOCTOR Laura Scherer tweeted a response to the absolutely repugnant Wall Street Journal op-ed stating Dr. Jill Biden should refrain from using the moniker doctor. Dr. Scherer’s tweet has been liked by nearly 200K folks AND was part of an ABC news story about the op-ed featured on Good Morning America! Good on you Laura for speaking up and speaking out!"    - Channing Tate, MPH, PhD (c) 

November 2020

J.D. Ainsworth, MBA, BS
"I'd like to give a shoutout to someone that we have all come to know and appreciate, JD. Since I got onboarded at ACCORDS, JD has been an excellent resource in making sure that I am well-acquainted to the organization, my expectations, and the potential that I have in my role. In our weekly 1:1's, he is always sure to engage with my work professionally, but also shares concern about me as a person and that I am in a safe and happy place outside of work. Thank you, JD!"    -Anonymous

John Rice, PhD, &Krithika Suresh, PhD
"John Rice and Krithika Suresh are wonderful! In the midst of this chaotic time, they have always been there for the analyst team to answer questions, and they do it with a smile! We are so grateful to know that we have two super-smart, dedicated and helpful biostatisticians to support us. John and Krithika are thoughtful and sophisticated when considering statistical questions, and they are unfailingly friendly and kind…..THANK YOU, John and Krithika!"   -Brenda Beaty, MSPH, & the ACCORDS Analyst Team

September 2020

Rose Prieto
"I would like to give a big shout-out to Rose Prieto. Rose has helped me and others with references for grant submissions and manuscripts. She has a positive and upbeat attitude, is extremely timely with her responses, and her work is high quality. She goes above and beyond to make sure you have the help you need even if you are pressed for time! It's so wonderful to have someone at ACCORDS who can offer such important and professional expertise! Thank you Rose!"  - Alison Saville, MSPH, MSW, PMP

August 2020

Steve Lockhart, MPH
"Steve is the epitome of professionalism. He is an amazing team player, always willing to step up and help out however he can. He is appreciated both by his co-workers and the research participants he interacts with. Here is a quote from an email we received this week from a research participant after Steve moderated a focus group: 'I loved the focused group. It was well organized and moderated. Thank you for all you are doing to keep the dialog open with the group.'"    -Anonymous

July 2020

Rachel Zucker, MPH
"Rachel has been on the wellness committee since the beginning. She has been instrumental in getting the word out to the ACCORDS community with humor and grace."        

Amy Huebschmann, MD, MS, FACP
"Kudos to Dr. Amy Huebschmann for being one of the most affirming leaders I have ever met. Anyone who has been in a meeting or work-group with Amy knows that one of her defining characteristics is the consistent positivity she exudes when responding to others' ideas. She never fails to recognize what others offer, and she makes a point to recognize and appreciate what her colleagues, mentees, and students contribute. All this in addition to being a skilled clinician and fantastic researcher...we are lucky to have her in ACCORDS!"    


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