The fee structure in the table below applies to cells and biofluids. Tissue samples are subject to an additional fee of $15 per sample to cover additional sample processing steps.‚Äč

All fees are per sample with the exception of method development, which is considered a custom service. For more information regarding pricing considerations for method development, please see our Policies and Procedures

UHPLC-MS with Relative quant.    
High throughput polar metabolite profile$80 - 120$88 - 130$100 - 185
Tracing experiments / Flux analysis$80$90$130
High throughput profile + flux analysis$118$130$180
Untargeted metabolomics with search engine   
Compound Discoverer$216$240$540
Lipid analysis - LipidSearch$162$178$432
UHPLC-MS with Absolute quant. (stable isotope labeled standards)   
Amino Acids (exc. Asn, Trp) or Acylcarnitines$100$112$120
Tryptophan, Kynurenine$80$90$130
Glycolysis, TCA$145$160$195
Choline, betaine, TMAO$140$155$205
Bile Acids$205$225$290
Compounds not in our library   
Method development$1,500$1,650$2,160
ICP-MS metalomics$100$110$190

Rates updated July 24, 2023

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