Policies and Procedures

Anschutz Cryo-EM Core Facility Service and Collaboration Policies

The primary mission of the Anschutz Cryo-EM Facility and its personnel is to enable efficient collection of high-quality EM data to advance molecular EM projects on the Anschutz Medical School campus and beyond. Involvement of facility personnel in areas beyond data collection (e.g., specimen preparation, specimen optimization, image analysis) will be limited by time and resource availability.

Basic training on automated data collection and use of equipment for cryo-EM sample preparation is considered part of the Facility’s services. Any project in which facility personnel enables anything beyond data collection (e.g., prepare samples, optimize sample preparation conditions, any analysis of resulting image data) will be considered a collaboration.

Payment Options

Customers internal to CU must provide a speed type for invoice payments. Those outside of CU may pay by check, credit card or wire transfer. Paying with a credit card? Click Here

For questions regarding payment options, please contact Sarah Vinton.

Information for publications resulting from data collected at the facility

Basic information for “Methods”:

Data was collected on a 200 kV ThermoFisher/FEI Talos Arctica microscope with a K3 Summit direct electron detector (Gatan) (or on a 120 kV ThermoFisher/FEI Talos L120C microscope with a Ceta CMOS detector). Consult Facility Personnel for relevant additional information specific to individual data collection runs.

Basic guidelines for “Acknowledgements”:

Indicate that data was collected at the Anschutz Medical Campus Cryo-EM Core Facility and acknowledge help from the Anschutz Cryo-EM Core Facility staff.

For collaborations:

Cryo-EM Core Facility personnel should be listed as co-authors in any publications resulting from collaborative work (as described above). Methods and Acknowledgements as above.

After a paper is published:

Please send a link to the paper and a representative figure to the director of the Anschutz Cry o-EM Core Facility


All common EM image processing packages (Relion, CryoSPARC, SPARX, Freealign, cisTEM, SPHIRE, EMAN, etc.), as well as map analysis and modeling software (Coot, PHENIX, Chimera, etc.) are installed in the core’s GPU workstations. Access to computing resources is generally limited to Anschutz Medical School researchers and their collaborators.

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