ServiceUnitSubsidized Academic SOM AcademicAcademicIndustry
Facility Training Feeper person$150$250$385$500
Data Collection (0-8 hours)per hour$20$30$46$50
Data Collection (8-24 hours)set fee$160$200$308$400
Crystallization- Facility Access Feeper month$0$150$231$300
Robotics Crystallization - Xtal 3per tray / drop*$12$20$31$40
Manager Aided - Crystal Screeningper half day$300$500$770$1,000
Beamline - Crystal Screeningper crystal screened$30$40$62n/a
Beamline - Data Setper crystal collected$120$160$172n/a

*The pricing listed is for 1 drop per well per tray. For example, one 96-well tray prepared with two drops per well would cost $24 for a subsidized academic customer. Questions? Please contact the Core Manager, John Hardin.

Rates updated July 1, 2021

Major Beamline User

For $3,000 per year, a lab can help subsidize the Xray Core facility. Major Beamline Users receive the Subsized Academic rate on all services, as well as a cap of $3,000 on all Beamline usage. Interested in this option? Please contact the Core Manager, John Hardin.

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