Policies and Procedures

X-ray facility User training

To become a trained “User” of the X-ray facility and obtain badge access to the X-ray facility, be permitted to enter the X-ray enclosure, or use any of the X-ray instrumentation, individuals must complete the user safety training and operational procedures training, and sign off in the User training log.

Prerequisites for X-ray facility ‘USER’ training

Individuals must have completed their radiation safety training prior to X-ray facility training.

The Principle Investigator of each potential User must undergo X-ray/Cryo-EM awareness training.

Users must maintain their Radiation Safety training, or they will lose User status and access to the X-ray facility.

Payment Options

Customers internal to CU must provide a speed type for invoice payments. Those outside of CU may pay by check, credit card or wire transfer. Paying with a credit card? Click Here

For questions regarding payment options, please contact Sarah Vinton.

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