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NMR-Based Services

Metabolomics, one of the “omic” sciences in systems biology, is the global assessment and validation of endogenous small-molecule biochemicals (metabolites) within a biologic system.

The Animal Imaging Shared Resources Core (AISR) provides all NMR-related metabolomics services on human and animal cells, biopsies, and body fluids. 

The facility is fully equipped for all aspects of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-,
13C-, and 31P-NMR and two-dimensional NMR). We perform expanded quantitative metabolic analysis on:

  • Cells
  • Cell extracts
  • Human and animal tissues and biopsy extracts
  • Body fluids (including blood, plasma, urine, cerebral and prostatic fluids etc).

Our Services

  • Project design and consultation
  • Sample Handling and Extraction for Metabolic NMR
  • NMR based metabolic protocols
  • Data set collection is available.
  • Data analysis and publication preparation/ assistance.
  • Data handling and storage

Sample Handling & Protocols:

We will provide all users with carefully designed and validated protocols for sample handling and sample extraction.

Please contact Jenna Steiner, AAS, CVT, to schedule services and obtain the following protocols:

  • Dual methanol/chloroform blood extraction protocol
  • Dual methanol/chloroform tissue extraction protocol 
  • Acid Tissue Extraction protocol 
  • Acid Cell Extraction 
  • Quantitative 1H-, 31P- and 13C-MRS

Contact Us

Natalie Serkova, PhD
Core Director
Office: (303) 724-1086

Jenna Steiner, AAS, CVT
Core Manager
Office: (303) 724-2942

Soudabeh Kargar, PhD 
Image Analyst

Francis G. Garay
Senior Research Professional
Office: (303) 724-2499

Toni T. Mufford, CVT, LATG
Veterinary Technician III
Office: (303) 724-2499



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