Office of Community Outreach & Engagement

The University of Colorado Cancer Center has a long-standing history of commitment to advocacy, education, outreach and engagement throughout the state of Colorado. Our community partnerships and programs identify and address barriers to cancer health equity and improve outcomes in underserved areas of Colorado, including urban and rural areas across the state. Working together with new and existing organizations, we: 

  • Identify needs and emerging concerns regarding cancer incidence and survival throughout the state 
  • Expand awareness and improve access to cancer services, treatment and clinical trials 
  • Provide up-to-date information and community-based screening programs to reduce cancer risk and increase early detection 
  • Identify the social and economic challenges in underserved areas of the state that limit access to state-of-the-art cancer care 
  • Develop educational resources to improve health decision making to decrease cancer risk 
  • Advocate for public policy changes to ease the burden of cancer 
  • Support healthy lifestyle changes to reduce cancer risk ​
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Reducing Cancer Disparities in Colorado

In 2020, the CU Cancer Center launched five studies that are focused on addressing disparities in care and outcomes for Black and Hispanic communities in Colorado.

Meet Our Team


Evelinn Borrayo, PhD - Associate Director

Dr. Borrayo’s research focuses on health disparities in the prevention, control, and treatment of cancer among medically underserved Latinos. Her research projects have focused on the psychological, cultural, and social factors involved in cancer prevention and control and in the treatment of lung and head-and-neck cancers among Latinas and Latinos affected by these cancers. She conducts research in both community-based and medical settings.

Cancer maps show that areas of Colorado’s Eastern Plains, Western Slope and far south have rates of cancer incidence and outcomes similar to those in Appalachia. On the other hand, the Front Range and mountain communities along the I70 corridor have cancer outcomes far better than national averages. While CU Cancer Center scientists are developing new treatments to raise the ceiling of cancer care, Dr. Evelinn Borrayo is working to ensure that underserved communities aren’t left in the basement.  Her goal with the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement is to decrease cancer disparities and make sure that everyone in Colorado has equal access to cancer prevention and treatment.


Daniel Pacheco, MBA - Program Manager

Daniel is a native of the San Luis Valley, and has a broad background in project management with a specific emphasis on implementing statewide projects in primary care settings. Daniel’s previous experience includes the implementation of various cancer screening projects at MD Anderson Cancer Center across Texas. For the past three and a half years he served as the Project Manager for statewide projects at the Department of Family Medicine Practice Transformation Team at the University of Colorado. He now helps oversee the projects and initiatives in the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement.


José Barrón - Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator

José is a Colorado native that studied Psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado Boulder. He has 6 years of clinical research experience working in several different fields, including working with Spanish speaking participants in the Denver Metro area.  ​

José works in the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement as a bilingual coordinator.  He facilitates collaboration with community-based organizations throughout urban and rural Colorado and provides health education to the community.


Sarah Roberts, MS, ACSM CET - Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Sarah graduated from the University of Illinois with her M.S. in Kinesiology and Community Health with an emphasis in Exercise Psychology and behavior change.  Her research experience includes federally funded, multi-site clinical trials and quality improvement projects related to healthcare. She has been involved in developing and implementing a variety of projects ranging from lifestyle behavior based interventions to incorporating evidence-based practice into multidisciplinary, integrated care settings.​

Sarah works in the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement as a coordinator.  She facilitates collaboration with community-based organizations throughout urban and rural Colorado and provides health education to the community. 


Carlo Caballero, LPC, CCM - Bilingual Patient Navigator

Carlo graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with his M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Case Manager. His experience includes working for the past 4 years in a federally qualified health center providing case management services to under privileged and underserved populations.

Carlo works in the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement as a Bilingual Patient Navigator. His work includes assisting members in the community navigate the healthcare system and get connected with resources throughout the cancer continuum. 


Alejandra Soto - Cultural and Linguistics Competency Coordinator

Alejandra is a Mexico City native and public administration consultant, professor, and linguist (Spanish-ES<>English-EN) specializing in topics such as public health, public policy, crime and violence prevention, criminal justice, victims’ assistance, gender-based violence, among others. In addition to her language pair, she has studied French and Italian. Alejandra was a sustainable development professional and international cooperation advocate in Mexico City for five years before moving to the United States to continue her professional career and education. She is a member of the Colorado Translators Association, and she is certified as a Medical Interpreter.

Alejandra works in the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement as a Cultural and Linguistics Competency Coordinator to assist the office on projects that aim to engage underrepresented Hispanic/Spanish speaking patients, as well as support the office, Cancer members, and the community-at-large with Spanish translation, literacy adaptation and cultural appropriateness of project’s protocols, outreach, engagement, and research activities to engage disadvantaged Hispanic/Latino populations.

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Bilingual Patient Navigator

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Cultural and Linguistics Competency Coordinator