Life After Cancer

CU Cancer Center provides survivorship care plans (SCP). A SCP is a document that summarizes your diagnosis, treatment, and reasons to contact your health care teams.  This document describes the recommended follow-up plan, and contains wellness tips and resources.  It is designed to be shared with your primary care team. SCPs may be reviewed in person or via tele-health.

CU Cancer Center also providers electronic consults to health care professionals with specific questions.

For general information about survivorship, please contact Carlin Callaway, DNP, at, 720-848-3931, or 720-848-4870

Survivorship Resources

The Hope Survivorship Clinic is available for pediatric survivors. For more information, please call 720-777-5441 or 720-777-6688.

The Thriving After Cancer Treatment is Complete (TACTIC) Clinic strives to help those who experienced cancer during childhood receive health care as young adults. The TACTIC Clinic is located within the Internal Medicine Clinic, Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion, 5th Floor. For more information, please call 720-848-2300.‚Äč

Click here for a full list of survivorship resources.


Helping You Navigate Life After Cancer