Junior Faculty Training & Education Opportunities

 CRTEC supports the training and education of the CU Cancer Center Junior Faculty, referred to as Mentored Members. In addition to assisting with the CU Cancer Center T32 Training in Cancer Biology Grants, organizing and facilitating the Cancer Symposium Seminars and Colloquiums, disseminating relevant grant and training opportunities, and funding innovation awards. CRTEC also provides quarterly meetings and workshops that focus on the greatest needs of junior faculty, on topics such as career development, grant writing, grant reviewing, mentoring students, and scientific writing and publishing. In addition, CRTEC plans an annual retreat providing important networking activities for mentors and mentees.

Grant Workshops

At the grant workshops, Mentored Members planning on submitting a grant are able to submit their initial grant application to CU Cancer Center Members experienced in grant writing for feedback and critiques.  At the workshop, Mentored Members work with the CU Cancer Center Members to improve their grant applications.

Grant Workshops occur on the second Monday of each month.  For more information, or to sign up to participate, contact CRTEC@cuanschutz.edu.