Clinical Trials at the CU Cancer Center

Clinical trials offer patients the most cutting-edge and promising treatments to treat and prevent cancer.

Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. They are the final step in a years-long process that begins with research in a lab and animal testing. Many treatments used today are the result of past clinical trials. Clinical cancer trials are designed to answer questions about new treatments or new ways of using old treatments and how well they work. These trials may test drugs or vaccines, ways to do surgery or give radiation therapy or combinations of many treatments. Your doctor may offer you the option to join a clinical trial as part of your treatment plan.

Clinical cancer trials follow very strict rules, called protocols, that are overseen by a governing scientific and ethical body. The protocol will determine who can participate in the trial and help make sure the trial is safe and has accurate and meaningful results.

Clinical Trial FAQs

ClinicClinic Phone Number
Brain Cancer Clinic720 848 0408 Opt.1
​Breast Oncology Clinic720-848-1030
Gastroenterology Oncology Clinic & Scheduling720-848-3532
​Genitourinary Oncology Clinic720-848-0170
Gynecologic Oncology Clinic and Scheduling303-724-2066
Head & Neck Oncology Clinic720-848-3532
Melanoma/Mohs Oncology Clinic & Scheduling720-848-0590
Phase 1 Team720-848-1543
Radiation Oncology Clinic720-848-0293
Thoracic Oncology720-848-3386

Latest Clinical Trials from the CU Cancer Center

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